4 Outfits Changes in 1 Day was one of those days and I can't even blame the weather as it was a lovely here all day. I started the day with floral trousers, a blouse and a biker jacket. I had a couple of meetings so I like to avoid jeans on these occasions. But as I took these photos, I just wasn't quite feeling it and had there been time, I would have changed....but I figured I was over analysing and ran out the door.
Beige Biker Jacket - Dunnes (AW14)
Blouse - M&S (AW13)
Trousers - Topshop (via eBay)
Necklace - Topshop (via husband!)
Then I caught a glance of myself in the M&S mirrors while passing through en route to my second meeting and I stopped dead. The floral trousers were just AWFUL. I stood and knew I couldn't wear them a moment longer. They are for the charity bag...something about the length and the colours? I just can't put my finger on it but it's making me want to ditch all my floral/patterned bottom halves...I think they're not for short legged pear shapes.

So I grabbed a pair of M&S khaki coloured jeggings and raced into the changing room. The M&S lady there was wonderful when I explained my 'wardrobe malfunction' and she got me to take the label off the jeggings and brought me to the till to explain to her colleague that I was already wearing what I wanted to buy. 

Just on an aside - these jeggings are a great buy. They come in a loads of different colours and are reduced by 20% at the moment making them only £18. I was asked a few weeks ago about a good place to get khaki skinnies and I'd not found one before now. Get them here! I am wearing the 12 Regular. I tried on the 10 but while they fitted, they were a bit neat on me for this style of skinny trouser/jeans/jeggings.
Which brings me onto the word jeggings....I don't get it. The Gap forever stretch leggings I have are basically the same as these - though a bit higher on the waist. Both pairs are made of stretchy denim material and have all the pockets that jeans would in my mind, they're just skinny jeans. Surely Jeggings are jersey jeans...using the material that leggings are made of? Then there's Treggings....and Super Skinnies. I'm really lost. In essence, don't get put off by the Jegging title...they're skinny jeans made from a lightweight denim.

So you'll have to visualise me in the same outfit as above but with the jeggings as I was running late and couldn't take pictures. 

I get home and there's another wardrobe malfunction with my blouse - this time involving beetroot. So I change into one that I got from Damart a while back but that I've not worn before as I wasn't quite sure about the neckline. I can't find it on the site but I think it's going to be ok. You can never have enough cream blouses...
Blouse - Damart
Shoes - Dune as before

And for the 2nd school run of the day, I ditched the biker jacket and went with a denim jacket and a lightweight scarf.
Denim Jacket - Vero Moda via eBay (past season)
Jeggings/Shoes/Blouse/Bag - as before

I don't think I even got there by the 4th outfit....but I think we all have days like this. Tell me I'm not alone in this multiple changing carry-on!




  1. Wow Avril I'm worn out just reading about all your outfit changes - hope today is a quieter day on the wardrobe front!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Same thing happened to me in the charity shop bag they went. Patterned bottoms...what was I thinking???!!!!

  3. I love your floral trousers but think for me they would be more holiday wear x I adore jeggings they are just so super comfy and you can get them them in SO many different shades of denim xx

  4. I love that, so frivolous but actually for £18 not that naughty really!!
    I thought all outfits looked great xx

  5. Haha! I swear we were separated at birth. I just bought these jeggings on Wednesday too! I have them on in my Little Loves post today. How funny! I actually thought of you as I was getting them! :) xx

  6. Great post Avril, smiling at you buying the 'jeggings' (jeans or whatever!) whilst wearing them. Yay for the helpful assistant. Those 'catch yourself in a mirror moments are so dire. Glad you were in good old M&S and able to resolve swiftly :-) xx

  7. I love the look of the khaki skinnies & I STILL need a pair of skaters! X

  8. I'm guilty - but mostly with shoes! I often change shoes several times!

  9. LOVE this post and the honesty of it. We're all guilty of something like this.

  10. I told you the M&S mirrors were evil!! Lol! The M&S leggings are amazing & I'm on my 3rd pair of black ones! The word jeggings can be really off putting but you are so right as they are just skinny jeans! x

  11. You're so not alone, I do this all the time! Today I've progressed through flares and long sleeved blouse, to a sleeveless top, to shorts, to a different pair of jeans so that I could have my ankles out! No wonder my washing machine is always going!! xx

  12. With you on floral trousers being ill advised for anyone with thighs. I keep trying them on because the look so pretty and then put them on...Thanks for tip about M&S jeggings - could do with some khaki trousers.

  13. Lol at all of your changes! I don't wear patterned trousers because I am a short legged pear and it draws attention to that fact. I think yours look fine though, Avril, but you know when something isn't right. You can't beat khaki skinnies. Lynne xx

  14. I actually love those floral jeans! I know what you mean though about not feeling quite right in something and changing a few times. I always drop my son at nursery in one thing and pick him up in something totally different! Great tip on the m&s trousers x


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