#Little Loves - Book Clubs, Boho Tops & Bolognese..

It's been a while so I thought it was time for another #littleloves on the blog...


This week I started our latest book club book - The Girl On the Train. I just know already it's going to be a good one. I've also started up a new book club on the street we've moved to though I'm not sure my liver can cope with two per month :) Our first book is 'Disclaimer' by Renee Knight so I better get moving with them both.


I'm loving Peter Kay's new comedy 'Car Share' - such a funny show that's been cheering up my Wednesday evenings. You can catch it on the iPlayer still - each one is only 30 minutes long and almost entirely set inside a car on a commute to work...but it works so well. Classic PK.


Election boring to me I'm afraid, especially here in NI where it's still all about religion and the past and nothing much to do with finding the best person for the job. I know women died to get me the vote but they're turning in their graves this week seeing the muppets we have to vote for here. I'm more interested in how things will go across the water and it's all happening as I type. Hubby is staying up to watch the action but I'm heading to bed to read. I loved this video from the guys over at Sky News...wondering who'll be 'getting it on' by the time this post gets published?


I could go on about the Hush Military Jacket but I've done it to death this week and anyway, it's now sold out again. So I'll show you a new top that kind of 'sneaked' into my wardrobe at the weekend. Local shop Menarys are the only stockist I know of near me that have the brand Esprit in-store and they buy in a really great edit. Anyway, they've been running 30% off promos on selected days recently so this was a complete steal and will be perfect now and in the summer too.
Boho Top - Esprit
Jeans - Lidl (available in-store for something mad like £7!)
Navy Slip On Trainers - Next (AW14)


Industrial quantities of Ragu using Delia's Recipe. It's something I do every couple of months and while it's a bit of a pain at the time, once you've bagged them up and fired in the freezer, it's the quickest dinner ever on a busy evening. It can be eaten on its own with pasta or used to make the most delicious lasagne.

and finally....

Nothing deep and meaningful here just some new beauty products that I've started to use and absolutely love. They're from a brand called Nuxe, which I'd not used before and can be picked up at M&S stores and online. My skin has been playing up majorly in recent months...hormones, peri-menopause, blah blah blah...but this Unclogging Thermo-Active mask is great. I've been using it about twice a week and so far, I've not had any clangers on the chin to distract all and sundry and it's not drying like other similar masks. My son is also using it now and again...getting to that age and how lovely that we can share spot treatments....
I'm also using their Micellar Rose Cleanser which is the most gorgeous smelling foaming cleanser I've come across in a long time (provided you like the scent of roses!). I use it along with Tropic Hot Cloth Cleanser for a double squeaky clean cleanse at night, and on it's own to wake me up in the morning. Bliss. Also in the picture is some suncream which I anticipate using soon....but this is Ireland and the excitement is in not knowing if I'll need it :)
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Have a great weekend my friends...I might pop out another post if the notion takes me :)



  1. I'm definitely going to investigate those products Avril - they sound gorgeous, and I'm a huge fan of Rose scented things too! I love your new top - it really suits you! And I must look up Car Share - sounds great! Have a lovely weekend sweet lady xx

  2. Those beauty products sound right up my street, think I might have to invest.
    Loving your outfit (as ever!), that top is so lovely!
    Thanks for linking up, have a great weekend! xx

  3. Love a good book recommendation - I will have to give that one a go! X

  4. Hehe that song's great. We just watched Car Share, it was really good...sort of real life-esque comedy. Love it :) That top's lovely, nice and summery. Hope you enjoy your weekend xx

  5. Love your outfit Avril it just looks SO super comfy xx

  6. Girl on a Train is fabulous, just finished it & that top is really cute! x

  7. Love Nuxe products,especially their facial oil! Love your outfit,looks super comfy! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  8. Ha ha best thing those morons will ever be seen in, that video! Love your outfit, looks so comfy yet stylish. Have a great weekend x

  9. I have a Nuxe body wash which is lovely too so o must try some other products. I also have The Girl on the Train to read when I finish One Day. Love these posts, Avril. Lynne xx

  10. Ooh I loved Girl on the Train, will be interested to see what you think of it. We are also loving Car Share, I wasn't too sure when I heard the concept of it but it's brill, the two leads are great together. I do love Peter Kay! Ditto on the election, obviously I voted but the political situation up here is just dire- Jim Wells ran in my constituency- say no more! I didn't stay up for the results and so nearly died when I woke on Friday and checked Twitter- a majority win for the Conservatives? How did that happen?!!

  11. Lovely to see you joined up with littleloves, I actually came across (and loved) your blog via Donna at I Won't Wear Sludge Brown when she mentioned you in a post I read the other day. Totally digging that Esprit top. I will definitely be back for more inspiration. #littleloves

  12. Anonymous17:58

    That top is beautiful! xo

  13. Ha, ha! Welcome to my world of sharing spot creams!!!! I love Nuxe products - so lovely on the skin and well priced too. You need to try the Nuxe oil as well. Smells divine and keeps your skin fabulously moisturised all day.


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