My Sister's Boden Party

This week I abandoned the family and headed down to Tipperary to visit my family and help my sister with her Boden Party. It was she who made me aware of Boden many years ago so when they started the Irish party programme, it was fitting that that called her.  Imagine the Boden girl's surprise when she heard we were sisters! I knew the space she has would be perfect for a party - this is how it looked before the guests started to arrive.
So when there were a few breaks in the day, I tried on as much as I could so here goes with a picture heavy try-on a bit dodgy but hopefully you'll get the gist! First up - there was major shoe love going on...very impressed with the selection that was sent:

I just had to try the Lille Lace-Up - only the orange colour was in my size but actually, it came up big so I'd order the 39.  I'd heard nightmare stories of how uncomfortable these shoes are but I can't agree...they were lovely to wear and I now have the navy on my wish list:

Next, these Sienna wedge sandals were a surprise hit. They are unbelievably comfortable and give great height. These are the size 40 and again, I would size down if ordering. I love the navy colour-way and will be watching out for them in the sale.
Well, I couldn't wait to try on the Alice high heels - especially as I'd heard they were a narrow fit and I have the Alice flats on order so was concerned my foot wouldn't fit into them. Well I had no need to worry - I fell in love and now want the heeled version too! Size wise, these are a 39 and were neat so I was glad my Alice Flats are coming in a size 40.
I was delighted to see these metallic espadrilles in the party set in my size and as they were sold out online and my sister's party was the second last one this season, I was able to purchase this pair...and in fact, as it's my birthday on Tuesday, my sister bought them for me...thank you sis!! They're a size 40 and are so comfy. Only available online in the other colour ways. 
Now these next shoes were a surprise also. I didn't like them to look at and there was some fading in the pattern under the big toe where they had been tried on during all the parties before this one. But as they were in my size, I decided to try them on and WOW - they are so lovely on. I predict they will be in the sale at a good reduction so am going to sit tight for now. These were a 40 also.
Finally, all about the stripes with the Vienne Point and the Kirsten Heel - the former were too big in the size 40 and without any strap action, are a no/no for me as I know the size has to be spot on to avoid them slipping off. The latter were a joy to wear - the heel is the perfect block size and height. If I was ordering, I'd probably go for the leather versions and size up.
Onto the clothing now and these next few photos didn't have great light - apologies. This first top was almost purchased but I couldn't make up my mind on the colour. It also comes in a great pink shade and a couple of prints. Definitely on the possible list.
The Ravello top is a regular each year in Boden - loved this geo print. On the right, this wrap top didn't come in my size so this is an 8 and way too small...but I love the style of it and there's a gorgeous print with yellow available also, which I prefer to the green.
The Betty Top was a huge hit at this party with several sold in the different colours. For me, the navy and cream were my favourites but I tried on the green as it was a size 12 and fitted me.
No sunny holiday for us this summer but if we were going, this is the kaftan I'd buy. Fab colours and a lovely flattering style. 
The Tamara jacket was fabulous and while it didn't suit me, it would work so well on a more petite frame. The embroidery is just lovely on it. This is the size 12.
Of course, having a party gives you a great chance to try on the Johnnie B range which goes up to an age 16...equivalent to about a size 12. This breton is a steal - I'm wearing the 13-14 which was more like a 10 so I'd size up to the 15-16. It also comes in a navy/orange colour way.
and these tops were another great find - look like nothing on the hanger but are really nice on and have a lovely stripe combo thing going on. They do need a vest underneath but are 100% Linen.
I loved the print in these jersey maxi skirts and was keen to try on but I wasn't's quite a strong print for a skirt I think? It worked well with the navy though - this is the Betty Top again.
A few accessories - not much came with the party set but out of what came, I liked this scarf...
and this necklace...
and the Selina Sunglasses in Nude. Thought I would like the Lena top and in fact, almost ordered it a month or so ago but it wasn't for me...the print was too unflattering and seemed to add inches.
Finishing with a couple of casual jackets - the Amanda Jacket in Vintage Denim and the Frances Biker in Chilli
neither got me too excited. I'm not a fan of fraying on jackets and can't help thinking the Amanda jacket would be so much nicer with a neat finished collar. Meanwhile, the coloured denim biker was nice but difficult to assess as it was a size 14. Some girls at the party tried the white one on (which was a tiny size 8) and it appealed more to me in the that colour than the chilli red.

Phew....all done with the pictures! I didn't buy anything at the party as the discount code didn't work for the UK but I have added a few of these items to my wish list for the next discount week...which it turns out is this week! 25% off selected stock only and specific days too so you might want to set a diary reminder:
Monday 1st June - Dresses
Tuesday 2nd June - Tops & Accessories
Wednesday 3rd June - Trousers & Skirts
Thursday 4th June - Holiday Shop
Friday 5th June - Everything in Clearance!! (I think the summer sale is imminent)

Will be back asap with my report back from Kildare Village Outlets, which I visited en route back up from Tipperary..hope you're having a good weekend.




  1. Your sisters house actually looks like a shop! The shoes look really amazing & I'd of loved trying them all on too! Love the Selina sunglasses & the scarf! The Tamara jacket is really cute as well! It looks like such fun! x

  2. I've long been a Boden fan - I think because I have all boys and when the eldest was born it was impossible to get any nice coloured boys clothes. Anyway, great post. I'd love to have a Boden party, I delighted to hear they are doing them in Ireland now.

  3. Shoes!!!! Seriously Avril you must have given yourself a right old workout trying them all on. I really like the Amanda jacket, don't mind a little fraying and scarves seem to sit much better on me when the jacket is collarless. One for my sale list me thinks x

  4. Oh this is such a wonderful idea:Boden parties! Love it! Its so nice when you get to try on before you buy. I have the lille flats in navy and have worn them practically constantly I really donfind them much so that I'm soooo tempted by the Jaffa (and then will have to plan my whole summer outfits around orange haha) . love the frayed denim jacket too, its a nice twist in a classic piece xx

  5. I was going to say the same as Andrea. What a beautiful room your sister has there!
    I love the Lille flats. As much as I live Bode, I've always found their flats to be uncomfortable, even ballerinas, so haven't ordered any in a while. So it's good to hear you say they are comfy. I have no problems with their heels though! The Lena top and printed kaftan are lovely. I hadn't even noticed them before! xxxxx Lix,

  6. What fun!! I tried the Alice heels and they really were too narrow for me in my regular 39 - but I have weird little toes too that need a higher vamp to keep them at bay;) So glad you ordered the flat version - they look lovely!

  7. WOW - how cool does that look in your sisters house?!!!
    I love the Alice shoes SO SO SO SO much. My concern is that they're 'very Boden' and I fear everyone would know I was wearing Boden!

  8. I had a Boden party last autumn and while I enjoyed it, all that packing and unpacking nearly killed me! Thanks for the tip about the discount code - I never buy their full price clothes but I like the look of some of those tops and could do with some decent linen trousers.

  9. How lovely to see the Boden stock laid out like this in such gorgeous surroundings! Brilliant to be able to see the garments, shoes and accessories and try them on......way too tempting! ;0) Love the metallic espadrilles! xx

  10. Loving all of those shoes! I like the maxi skirt on you too. Haven't bought from Boden for ages but will take a look. Xx

  11. Some amazing shoes, Avril! The espadrilles look great. I love the sulphur shell top on you. It's a great colour. Lynne xx

  12. Wow - that's a perfect setting for a Boden party! The space! I'd love to go to one so I can get the measure of the clothes in real life. I'm always hearing how great the Bretons are. I'm just waiting to pounce when they do one in a colour way I want!


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