The Lidl Denim Shirt

I first spotted the Lidl denim shirt at the press day way back and knew it was going to be one of the hero pieces of their new clothing collection.

Then I got a tip off that it would be in shops during the week of the 11th May but when I couldn't get to Lidl that week, a lovely friend I've met via Avenue 57 offered to buy one for me as she'd seen them in her local store. I met Tanya last week for a coffee and finally, it was mine!

So of course, I had to wear it the next day - for a walk around the park with one of the twins and her cousin...while we waited for the other twin who was at a party....occupational hazard when they're in different classes but they've gotten used to it after a full school year apart.
I wore it with the khaki jeggings I got the other week in M&S with a white vest underneath and my camo slip on trainers from Zara.
Size-wise, it's a small fit. I have the 12 and it fits me more like a 10 but I have a bigger fit denim shirt already and was looking for a shorter, fitted one that I could wear with skirts and wider trousers.

Price-wise, a total bargain at £7.99. They're not hanging in the shop - they're flat packed in plastic packaging so you might have to seek them out...but I think you'll find it's worth the hoking about!



  1. I mean come on, no one would ever guess Lidl. It looks great Avril, you look great x

  2. What Donna said!!! Not in a million years would I guess that was from Lidl. Love the way you've styled it too x

  3. No way.....I just can't believe it Avril?! It looks so good, sometimes cheap denim looks, well, just cheap? But that shirt looks such good quality. Now, can I get to a Lidl tommorow??!

    Helen xx

  4. Oh gosh it's gorgeous! What a bloody brilliant shirt!! How kind of ladies on 'the avenue' - I love it when we help each other out. Wonder who would help me get one of these NOW!!!!

  5. Such a great shirt & what a total bargain! They are coming out with some really great bits atm! Who'd of thought?! x

  6. OMG we have nothing like that in ours! Way to go, looks amazing xx

  7. I love a denim shirt, and the shoulder detail on that one is so cool. I would never in a million years have guessed it was from Lidl! xx

  8. What a great shirt, Avril! Great find! Lynne xx


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