Outfit Catch Up....

We're on the home straight for summer holidays now so this week was busy as I try to get things done that I won't have time for over the next 9 weeks. 
Outfit wise, I've been keeping things simple...and I need to assure you now, I am not being sponsored by was just how this week rolled.
On Wednesday, I wore this navy square cut, soft jersey top which is a current line from Tesco (picked up during my try on session the other day)
Jeans & Top - F&F at Tesco (top not online but this is very similar)

Thursday was a gorgeous day so I wore my new Tesco boho top I talked about in this post
Gold Circle Necklace - SGS Shop new stock coming soon and priced at just £7!

Thursday evening was book club with the neighbours I used to live beside...lovely to see them all again and can you tell I had 5 minutes to get ready (same jeans)? The lace up shoes are not for me I'm afraid. I'm so glad I didn't invest in a more expensive pair. This is just the second time I've worn them and it only confirmed my dislike. I think it's the colour - I would prefer a paler coloured pair.
Jeans (as before) and Top (past season) - F&F Tesco (size 12)
Lace Up Flats - Primark
Necklace - SGS Shop new stock...will have a link asap!

Finally today, Tesco got firmly kicked to touch with an outfit of all old non-Tesco pieces. Pre-hair cut and colour photos...
Cream Top - Dorothy Perkins
Black Cropped Jacket - Dunnes Stores
High Waisted Skinny Jeans (turned up) - Lidl
Black Cross Body - Boden
Gold Ballet Pumps - Johnnie B at Boden
Necklace - as above

Looking forward to this weekend - which will be spent getting teachers' presents sorted, buying the 'big' school uniform and squeezing in a viewing of Minons - excited LOTS about that last one!

Have a lovely weekend...don't forget to check out the Boden sale which is now live on this link!



  1. So the ghillie shoes were not for you then? But at least the scratch was itched. I think they did a nude version but they would have been asking for trouble. I did try on a pair of tomato red ones in Topshop the other day and they were fabulous. But I walked away. I think there's only so many pairs of lace up shoes/sandals a girl can have anyway and I've got two pairs for this summer.

    And the hair ... I want to see the hair!

  2. I'm not a ghillie shoe girl either, I've got big feet and skinny ankles and they look wrong. Love you outfits this week, they'll all just my cup of tea! I've got to say the light in your room is perfect for taking pics. Xx

  3. Loving the outfits Avril - especially the boho top - I need a few tops like this to kick my constant t-shirt habit! Love the Birkenstocks in that colour! xx

  4. Oooh so good - everything - the outfits but I'm really loving the shorter hair

  5. You hair looks amazing Avril, beautiful cut. I think the Ghille shoes look fab on you but you are so right to try with Primark first at if you weren't sure, they do look good though! Xx

  6. Your hair looks fabulous, Avril. Great outfits as always too. Lynne xx

  7. Yes, I love your hair too. The shaping at the back us gorgeous. The Tesco near here is so small and gas a limited clothing range. I love your boho top. So pretty. Love Liz xxx

  8. Lovely hair, very funky x

  9. Your hair is looking FAB!
    Also loving that first pic of the navy top from Tesco - might just have to investigate further!


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