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Just a quick post as I'm still working on my Kildare Village one I many photos!! But I put a couple of outfits on Instagram over the weekend and had lots of questions about where I bought from so I thought it would be handy to put up a post with the links to same and similar items.

Saturday was the school sports day. Our school do it so well - it's held in the Mary Peter's track in Belfast for all classes in the school and runs from 10am to 2pm. It's always good to to catch up with lots of  parents as we are often rushing at school pick up and drop off time. It's also amazing for the kids to have the chance to run on this world class track and every child has the opportunity to run a full 400m. This year, they finally made the mother's race a 50m dash rather than a full 400m so I was happy to take part* - hence the one and only purchase from Kildare Village incidentally!
Trainers - Nike Air Sculpt TR (though they're only 38 euro in Kildare!!)
Jeans - Gap Forever Stretch Leggings (via Outlet)
Jacket - Vero Moda via eBay (not the same seller as mine but the same jacket)
Scarf - Avenue 57
Cross Body Bag - Gap (sold out in the black)
*I won bronze! Not bad for an oldie :)
Sunday was a chilled day...I didn't venture far from the house but I had lots of visitors come to play with the kids. At one stage, there were 9 kids in the house! Thank goodness the rain stayed off and they were able to play outside for most of the day. My outfit was all about the layers...

Jersey cardigan - Linea @ House of Fraser (past season)
White T-Shirt - Next (great basic - I have them in lots of colours)
Jeans - as before
Scarf - New Look (past season)
Loafers - Seven Boot Lane
Necklace - SGS Shop (heading towards a second sell out!)

I hope you had a good weekend - keep warm and dry if you're in my neck of the woods....looks like tomorrow is going to be more like the 2nd of November with an amber weather warning :)



  1. So in love with that necklace! Those Nike Airs look very comfy, they clearly worked wonders for you at the sports day!

  2. I can't believe you went to Kildare Village and left with one pair of trainers??!! Was there nothing else you wanted or liked? Sounds like a fab sports day in your children's school and you obviously have some good little athletes- lots of medals! Isn't this weather here absolutely horrendous, I was in Belfast today and had to get from Vic Square to Zara in the pouring rain in a jumpsuit and wedge sandals- I did have a jacket on too but it was hardly rainproof!! My own fault, I had seen the forecast but hoped they were exaggerating.

  3. Great outfits, Avril. I love them both. I can't wait until we can finally go scarf and jacket/cardigan free (if the sun ever comes out to play!). Your sports day sounds fab! Lynne xx

  4. Well done on the Bronze medal should have a bagged a gold for being most stylish mummy too! Both your weekend outfits are fab and no wonder that necklace is a's gorgeous! xx

  5. Our nursery cancelled the Parents' Race due to health and safety concerns. I mean, I ask you! I was wearing head-to-toe lycra and in the middle of stretching...!! I jest.
    Love that black necklace, v classy x

  6. You are the queen of scarves and thank you VERY much for the kind mention.
    I love that scarf (and urm the second one you are wearing). I think I am addicted!

    We don't have parents races at our school because it all gets too competitive!!!!!!

  7. Those trainers Avril - great buy, love them! x

  8. I've got my daughter's sports day coming up next Thursday, and I'm praying that this hot dry spell continues! I always get roped in to the mother's race, and always perform dismally - my excuse is that I'm built for distance, not speed! :-D Love your new trainers! xx


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