ASOS Delivery & Cream Top PERFECTION!

I've had an ASOS delivery today - we'd just come home from our 2 days away so it was lovely to see the Hermes van pull up to take my mind off being back to porridge. In the parcel was a couple of pairs of cropped wide trousers that I spotted in the sale last week and had to order as together they cost just over £20...with free delivery and free returns - nothing to lose.
The first ones are from the Tall range - my thinking was that they would definitely be long enough - as all of the other pairs I've tried so far in my search have been too short.
First impressions were that they looked TINY! I ordered the 12 and the waistband looks more like a very small 10...but luckily, the high waist means it hits at my slimmest part and I just about fit them. Here they are on me - 

the top isn't quite what I'd wear with them but overall, I do like the shape and the material...length wise, they may be an inch or so too long but that's easily fixed. They're a fairly lightweight material with a texture going through them and they hang really nicely.
Size-wise, they're definitely more like a 10 so you may need to size up - especially if you're more of an apple shape. But the best bit - they're £ brainer! Keeping these.

Next up, it's another bargain - these have since been reduced to £8.50 but I paid £11.
They're more lightweight and floaty and size-wise, are true to size. I ordered the 12 and they fit bigger than the last pair. They sit wider & baggier though - not quite as 'flowing' as the navy pair so for that reason, I think they might look better if they were a bit shorter too. In this photo, I've turned up one leg a bit just to see how it looks (note the uncertain face!)
The colour is more green in real life and they are lovely and cool to wear so I am considering keeping and using some magic tape to turn them up a couple of inches with a view to wearing with trainers (as styled above by ASOS) or sandals

Overall, I'm not sure if this style of trouser will be too dressy for my school run but I'm thinking if I wear them with a denim or biker jacket, they will work. I'm also looking forward to trying the navy ones with long boots in winter.

Finishing with what I'm wearing today and as per the blog title, I've found cream top perfection - once again from Hush. Meet the Laura top...
Hush Laura Top - £40 (10% off and free delivery/returns using AWXX15)
What is hard to see on this photo is that it's got a quilted jersey finish which is lovely and soft and not rigid like quilted tops can sometimes be.

Size-wise, I'm wearing the 12 and I need every bit of it around the hips. With a zip at the rear neckline and a great length of sleeve, this top is going to be worn and worn. While Hush gifted this top to me to review (knowing my love of a cream top), I will be buying a further one as I'm so pleased with it and as you know, I wear my cream tops ALOT! There's 10% off with free delivery and returns, using the code AWXX15.
I'm also wearing my best charity shop purchase in a long time - some pointed navy flats from M&S (with Insolia). They'd never been worn and cost only £4.95 from the Barnardos Charity Shop in Limavady - my new favourite town!
Jeans - Gap Outlet
Necklace - Warehouse Sale
Pointed Flats - M&S

Hope you're all having a good week...we had panicked school trouser exchanging this afternoon. Fingers crossed he doesn't grow again before Friday's first day at big school (blubarama awaits!)



  1. I'm unsure about this style of trouser on me as I'm such a shortie (5'2"). I like the navy ones especially - they'd look great with boots when it's cooler. Fab top too, Avril. Lynne xx

  2. Ooooh I love an ASOS delivery. A tenner for 12 months next day delivery. It's a no brainer isn't it. I love them and I've ordered similar (navy and black) from Mango but I think they're slightly narrower. Now do let me know how you're going to wear them in winter. I'm sorted for the warmer weather (trainers and sandals) but haven't a clue what to do when it's cold x

  3. Loving the crop trews on you Avril....they look fab! Can't get over your amazing bargain shoes, what an ace find! They are going to be so perfect over the next couple of months, seeing you nicely into A/W 15 xx

  4. The top is gorgeous! I can't get my head around the cropped trousers, I think I like them on others but know I would look a pratt if I wore them!

  5. Lovely trousers Avril! I admit I struggle with crops as I spent years as a kid in too-short trousers because I was so tall, but I do like them on others. I think they'll look great with heeled long boots in the autumn! Xx

  6. I love the trousers but like Lynne I'm vertically challenged & not at all sure if they would fit me right. Love the idea of wearing them with long boots though! Andrea x


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