#LittleLoves - Feeling Old, Flapjacks & Fish

It's been too long since I did a #LittleLoves post! Ever week, I get to Friday and do a face palm when I realise I've missed the boat. So I started this one 5 days in advance to be sure I got it ready on time for today! As usual, you can join up via Morgana's blog on this link.

I read two book in the last fortnight. The Sudden Departure of the Frasers is a great page turner, in the style of The Girl on the Train, with alternate chapters following the past and present. I finished it in 3 days and even enjoyed the ending, which is often so disappointing with these kinds of books.
The other one I flew through was Us by David Nicholls. A heartwarming and hilarious account of a couple whose son is about to leave home and whose marriage is wobbling. Again, it alternates between the present and the past to give background to the challenges they're having as a couple and manages to make you laugh out loud while also feeling a great sadness for what's happening. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I now want to visit Venice like you wouldn't believe.

This is probably a good time to fess up to my guilty TV pleasure - a show I've watched for months now but it's become apparent this summer just how addicted I am as the kids now tell me when it's 3pm so I don't miss it! The show is Tipping Point - I love it and don't care what you think of me for knowing that. The most exciting bit is that one of my choir chums has an audition to appear on an upcoming series!

80's music - oh my word! My 11 year old loves playing random 'olden days' tracks on Spotify and getting hubby and I to guess who it is. What's worse is I'm quite good at it...#feelingold but even so, I love me some Erasure - never ages I reckon?!
Flapjacks - my weekly make this summer. I like to have a batch to give the kids when they're looking for a sweet snack as although they are high in sugar, they're nutritious. I use Annabel Karmel's recipe loosely, adding in whatever nuts/seeds/dried fruits I have in the cupboard. This week's ones have poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts. The only downside is that I cannot stop eating them myself...sometimes before they're cooked


Lots of the usual - jeans and tops....this is a tricky time of year and I think everyone's feeling the pressure of transitional dressing. But it's a great time to work that jacket collection. I picked up this quilted patterned jacket on the Avenue 57 Preloved Facebook page for £15 and while I loved it, there was something not quite right. It clicked with me on Monday - shoulder pads! Whipped them out and we were right as rain.
Jacket - Mango
Jeans - Vero Moda
Top - F&F at Tesco
Pendant - SGS Shop
(all the above past season)

and finally...
Fish....I know, this is a random one but I wanted to share it as I'm so impressed. We had a BBQ on Saturday night and I was asked by the folks over at Mourne Fishbox if I'd like to road test their BBQ fish box.
You order it online, it arrives next day (UK and Ireland-wide!). In it, there's about 2kg of freshly caught fish in each box - securely packed in sealed bags that can go straight in the freezer or in the fridge if you're using within a day or so. There was way too much for our BBQ - we only cooked the Hake and Salmon - in the enclosed BBQ fish bag - and they were absolutely delicious and so so fresh. The sea bass and mackerel went into the freezer for another day. I will definitely order this again, it was a fuss free way to have fish for a BBQ and it's great to support a local business and local fishermen too. Full details on the Mourne Fishbox website here....and it's available right across the UK and Ireland - not just in NI!

Have a super weekend - the last before BACK TO SCHOOL! Uniform labelling anyone?!



  1. I LOVE that jacket! Know what you mean about transitional dressing, I end up being a mish mash and summer and autumn.
    I'll be joining you with the labelling this weekend. I've done the youngest's uniform and completely forgot to do my eldest's, oops!
    Enjoy the weekend xx

  2. Haha I love that Erasure song, it reminds me being a kid! Venice is amazing too, one of my favourite places x


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