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Finally, finally, the off the shoulder top got its debut! I'm just home from a whirlwind 24 hours visiting the town I grew up in. My parents moved away from there many years back so I had lost touch with many of my school friends until Facebook came along and over the past 2-3 years, I've been able to pick up with some of them again....which prompted this get-together.

I knew my home town on a Friday night was not going to be a dressy affair but I still wanted to make an effort so I opted for distressed jeans and my Warehouse off the shoulder top that I'd spotted on Michelle here and just had to have!

Clean Off The Shoulder Top - Warehouse (sale stock - sold out now)
Jeans - Vero Moda (preloved)
Sandals - Topshop 'Hilt' in Black Leather (current)

Apart from forgetting my strapless bra and having to engineer something semi-decent out of the ordinary bra I was wearing, the top was a joy to wear and felt dressy enough, without being OTT. The pleated cut on the front means it sits very nicely and doesn't cling (perfect for my pizza baby belly later in the evening) and it isn't an elastic off the shoulder top so doesn't keep pinging up onto your shoulders!
Blazer - ASOS (past season)
Rose Gold Disc & Rose Gold Circle neckless (layered together) from the NEW Premium Range - School Gate Style Shop

The only issue was making it sit properly under my ASOS tux jacket which I wore over - but I took this off as soon as we arrived in the restaurant anyway. Shoe-wise, I knew I had a 10 minute walk to get to the meet-up so I opted for flats. I've been looking everywhere for black flat sandals that are comfy, fairly supportive and leather and ended up just buying the ones I already have from Topshop in the black colour way! Best decision ever - they don't rub or hurt the feet at all so I knew even though this was my first time wearing them, they would be super comfy for the long night ahead. And a long night it was indeed - so much catching up and reminiscing with the girls. It finished at about 2.30am with many hugs and a promise not to leave it so long until we meet up again.

I travelled back to Belfast in a totally uninspired outfit - basically the same as last night apart from my Tesco top - it was easy packing for this trip!!
I'm now preparing for a few days away with the kids on the North Coast. While I'm away, there won't be any items posted from the shop - next post out will be on Saturday 15th August. To make up for the delay, there will be free UK P&P in the shop from Monday 10th - Friday 14th August. If you need anything before then, all items ordered this weekend (including orders already placed yesterday and today) will go out 1st class on Monday morning.

You can catch up with what I'm at this week on Instagram - though it may very well involve fleeces and raincoats. You have been warned :)



  1. Ok you have to share how you got your bra to do that on a off the shoulder top!!! I hate strapless bras so avoid any tops or dresses that require them. It looks gorgeous on you. I've had my eye on some Topshop sandals for a while now, they may be them. I must not buy anymore shoes though, I really can't! (unless they go into sale of course...!) x

    1. Haha - it wasn't too secure but luckily I don't have much to hold up :) I was waiting patiently for these sandals to go into the sale....reckon it's going to be September, if at all. When I'll firmly be in an ankle boot place! x

  2. Thank you for the lovely mention Avril! The Warehouse top looks superb with your tux over it....that is something I will be trying!! Topshop have so nailed it with their footwear this season haven't they?! I know so many ladies who have bought the same shoes in multiple colours....I bought the Fig sandals in tan, then black and they have been my go-to footwear everyday!
    Enjoy your few days away xx

    1. Thank you Michelle - for your lovely comment and your constant inspiration x

  3. Love your meeting up outfit and your gold disc necklace too - that's right up my street! And I have been known to do similar, buy one in every colour if the price is right and it fits!

  4. I love these looks on you. I have loved wearing off the shoulder tops but I still have to have a good strapless bra even though my boobs have shrunk! I recommend the M&S ones, bless them. H xx

  5. Ahh yes, the off the shoulder top, a look I can only embrace if I convince myself bra straps are meant to be seen. Damn you big boobs!!
    Looks great though, love it with that tux jacket!


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