Browsing, not shopping...

This week, I'm trying to browse and not shop. It's really boring I know but if I want to be able to eat and drink in Boston, that's the deal. But the best thing about blogging is that I've an outlet to share my finds....thus helping with the not-buying.

First up, Matalan. On this last blog post where I bought and sent back the Boden Lille flats, I alluded to having found a pair of Lille style lace up flats that actually fit me, don't show toe cleavage and aren't black. On the downside, they're not leather but they're £15 and worth a punt I reckon... especially in this versatile colour way:
(...gym gear is not the best outfit for these shoes - please excuse it!)

I also loved these loafer style flats in black patent - seem to be having a thing for black patent at the moment.
That was all in Matalan - I feel like their prices have gone up a bit recently with the quality not entirely meriting it. Perhaps I'm being unfair - tell me if I'm missing something and I will happily go back (and drool over the lace up shoes again!)

Next, Aldo...where I bought my brogues the other week and I was back in there yesterday as I had spotted a pair of sale sandals that I decided I had to have. Lucky for my spending ban, they were gone but be still my beating heart.....

Kieu High Heels - £80...steep in more ways than one!
and for flat shoe lovers too....
and what a great Chloe copy handbag....and the boots aren't bad either!
Finishing with Tesco where I was super impressed with the latest drop, starting with this great trench/mac (not online yet)
also loving the print on this woven front jumper - also not yet online, frustratingly!
This dress is so pretty...the blue is more intense in real life. Just a gorgeous cut and perfect for work but also would be great with tights and brogues for a slightly more dressy school run.
And this cape has been getting hearts all a flutter on Avenue 57 so I had to try it on. It didn't suit what I was wearing but it's lovely - sold out online at the moment but plenty in Newtownbreda.

but I think I might have preferred this shawl with the shades of grey in it..
Finishing with my outfit from today - wearing an M&S jacket that I featured on the blog Facebook page recently. I'd tried it on during the sale in August but didn't buy. As I was lamenting the fact that I'd missed out, Lesley (you know who you are!) got in touch as she'd managed to order one to her local store in my size. The deal was done and she posted it to me within a matter of days. What a superstar - thank you Lesley! It's late in the season to get another jersey jacket but it's been great this week.....perfect weather for it.
Jacket - M&S Sale
Jeans - M&S Past Season
Black T - H&M Conscious Collection (past season)
Ballet Pumps - Shoe Therapy (will tell you more in my next blog post!)

Anywhere else I should go for a 'browse'? let me know and I'm on it :)



  1. Hmmm, it's a good job I don't have an Aldo near me - I fear I could lose a LOT of pennies in there!! Love the Chloe-esque bag too, gorgeous! I do need to take a trip to Tesco though to check out the wraps x

  2. Gosh...the Matalan Ghilles are brilliant, what a lovely colour they'd go with so much! It's the Aldo rockstud lookalikes that have totally stolen my heart though.....something else to be adding to my growing wishlist! xx

  3. Oooh the Matalan shoes are ACE. I love that colour too! I need to go there (our store always has different stock instore to what is available online). Oh and THAT cape ... I need it!

  4. Love the outfits Avril but can't believe we are into September already! It was really cold here in Warwickshire last night as well. I noticed in our local Asda the other day that they have some lovely clothing in for the autumn. Now, I know people either love or hate the store but I think some of their clothing is very good value - have lots for our Lilly since she was born. But, I have realised with Asda's, that when I see it, I need to buy it or else - even a day later - it's disappeared never to be seen again! We do now also have a Matalan here in Rugby (opened this summer) but I also thought their prices had increased.

  5. And, also meant to say (in reply to one of your earlier posts about charity shop finds), I spied a pair of Mango jeans in our 'Life' charity shop back last month. I've never had Mango jeans before but these were a lovely 'mushroom' colour (for want of a better description) and were £5, so quite expensive for a charity shop but must have cost a lot when new. They were hardly worn, so after pondering about them overnight, I decided to go back. Now, normally when I do that, the item would be gone but to my delight, they were still on the rack and - bonus - had been reduced to half price! Even my daughter (aka Legal Beagle) was surprised and said how nice they were......! And, their colour means they go with a lot of different tops. A definite bargain!

  6. Are you sure you can't forsake food in Boston? Even one meal? Those lace ups from Matalan are so lovely x

  7. Oooh love those, might try and squeeze in a trip to Matalan tomorrow, thank you!!

  8. Love those aldo "valentino" shoes...... off to have another look. x

  9. The shoes are a dream. kiss!!!!

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  11. oh to have a Matalan in Ireland! Love the flats and great value, although not the same range of colours as the Boden flats, especially the Alice Flats, but great price. Love the patents as well, really super. I can completely understand the need to browse not buy as I am sending my firstborn off to college this month! Roll on October and the round of Boden parties!

  12. Love the brown bag! But I really don't need any more bags. Or do I???? lol


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