Packing for BOSTON & School Gate Style Beauty Week

It's B-day so it's just a quick packing post that I thought might be helpful. I'm away for 6-days with the choir and we are singing every day (in black) so I've gone for a super simple 90% black capsule....hoping it works for the down-time also. Here's what's in the suitcase:

1 x black jumpsuit
1 x black skirt
1 x black dress
1 x black skinny jeans
4 x black tops
2 x grey knits
1 x white long sleeved top
1 x Ultra Light down jacket
1 x going out top (for our final night!)
1 x mid-heel court (for evening performances)
1 x going out high heel
1 x flat black brogues (for day-time performances & sightseeing)
2 x gym outfits (eek - might be the duds of the packing but I am hoping to walk in the Common each day with some of the fit choir members)
1 x running trainers
2 x choir cardigans
2 x choir branded t-shirt
3 x sparkly necklaces

PJ's/Underwear/Tights/Mini Cosmetics
Charger/Adaptor/Battery Block/Books
Black Bucket Bag as cabin baggage (with cross-body inside for day-to-day)

And I gave my new trainers and coat a dry run yesterday to make sure they would work for me on the flight. I'm wearing different jeans and a choir branded shirt but apart from that, this is pretty much what I'm wearing to travel in:
Denim Jeans - Gap
Trainers - Adidas Superstars
Black Coat - NEW to me (from Deja Vu)
So yes, I've bitten the bullet and bought some Adidas Superstar trainers (along with a million other bloggers!)
and I wore them out this afternoon (after taking the labels off!) for a meeting at my son's school followed by Long's Fish & Chips for tea as a treat! It's a Belfast institution and it's been so long since we've been.
So I'll be on my way by the time you read this - you can follow my antics over on Instagram if you would like to see what I'm getting up to.

While I'm away, I've pre-prepared some blog posts and scheduled them to publish during the week.
They are a bit off-piste for me as they're about beauty - an area I don't touch on often but that's because I'm incredibly fussy about what I buy and use on my skin. I won't use just any old product on my skin and eschew anything made by the large cosmetic companies like Lancome, Garnier, Olay etc...they're FULL of chemicals, perfumes and empty promises. I urge you to google some of the ingredients if you are a regular user. They might give short term results but we have no idea what the longer term impact will be of layering parabens, petroleum and perfumes on our skin every day.

Additionally, when I find something that works, I stick with it. I would make the worst beauty blogger! All of the items I'm featuring have been tried and tested for a few months and most importantly, emptied and re-purchased (or about to be).

So sit back and switch on from tomorrow....I hope you enjoy my reviews and as always, ask if you've any questions.



  1. In LOVE with your trainers, so timeless and cool. Have an amazing time in Boston. On another note, I now want fish & chips. Yvadney (Style After Nine) x

  2. The trainers look fab. I have been toying with the idea of something similar for ages - tried Stans but felt clumpy in them. Might give the Superstars a go. Have a great trip.

  3. Love the jacket. xx

  4. The trainers are fab! I may have to jump on the bandwagon ;) xx

  5. No matter what you are packing it is important to know where you have packed your belongings so that when it comes to unpacking you don't have to search through everything trying to find an item.
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