The Hush Michelle Coat...

I blogged about this coat during the summer and it's been on my wish list since then. I've had a camel coat hole in my wardrobe for ages and while I've bought a couple of less expensive ones in the past 2 years, they were never right...I still hankered after a cashmere/wool mix....a proper luxurious camel coat.

Then I was fortunate enough to be offered my choice of item from the Hush AW15 collection to review. I enquired about the Michelle coat, crossed my fingers and was blown away when the Hush people said I could have it!

But here the thing, when it arrived, I was a little underwhelmed. It was more lightweight than I'd expected and quite creased. I'll be entirely honest with you and say that if I'd paid for it, I'd have had doubts about keeping it.

But the Hush people said I could think about it for a while so I hung it up for a few week and then the other weekend, I popped it back on for a cool crisp Sunday morning walk - which is when I fell in love (incidentally the creases fell out in the interim)

I realised that because it's wool & cashmere, it doesn't need to be heavy. It's actually incredibly warm to wear....and an absolute pleasure to wear too because you don't have the weight you'd expect from a coat that keeps you so warm.
I also love the style of it. I've realised over the years that high collared or no-collared coats suit me best - the traditional crombie style isn't the most flattering on me. The shape of this coat is perfect. Not too formal but still with a bit of structure.

I used the original image from the Hush catalogue as my inspiration and wore the coat with black jeans, a denim shirt and some slip on trainers.
Michelle Coat - c/o Hush
Black Jeans - Gap
Denim Shirt - White Company
White Top - M&S
Black Cross Body - Boden (past season)
Slip on Trainers - Zara (past season)

Disclaimer - this coat was provided to me by Hush for the purposes of this review. I was not paid to write the review and the words are all my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.


  1. Ive read a few bad reviews about this coat too, but it looks fabulous, Avril! Lynne xx

  2. I went for the collarless Boden Sienna coat in a similar colour. I find it so versatile. This looks lovely on you. Loving all your basics!

  3. When I first received my black Michelle I sent it back, due to bad creasing, but the replacement was fine. You are quite correct when you say it doesn't need to be weighty to keep you warm. This is one of my 'go to' favourite coats that I own. Mine is on it's second year and still going strong. I love you in it. H xx

  4. Hi unable to read this post due to huge adverts endlessly popping up???

    1. Hi Jo Jo - sorry about that. They're my only source of income and they're not controlled by myself but by an external company. However, I've actually requested their removal as I've found them a bit intrusive myself and I'm currently mid-way through a 30 day cancellation period so they'll all be away soon! xx

  5. Anonymous14:23

    Looks like a gorgeous coat. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with a camel coat and sounds like you've really found a winner!

  6. I'm loving this coat on you. I've never had a camel coat but I think I may be investing in one ...... Must start hinting to the husband!


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