A few outfits & what I've been up to.....

So how did we end up at Saturday night again? That week seems to have flown in and I've not posted a thing about what I've been getting up to or wearing. Time to remedy's what my week was like:

Monday saw me housebound during the day because of a poorly son, so I got on with housework and shop orders while he lay about feeling miserable. Choir that evening was a welcome break from the house - first rehearsal since before Christmas so it was great to see everyone again.
I wore this in the early part of the day but had to change at dinner-time thanks to a spag bol related incident :)
Navy top - Boden
Checked Scarf & Khaki Jeans - Deja Vu, Belfast
Navy Ankle Boots - Ash Jalouse (similar navy boots here in the sale)

Tuesday is gym day for me - Body Pump is the only reason I go. I will never be a gym bunny but I've been doing the same class every week since about September and the difference in my shape has been such a motivator, especially how well it's toned up my arms and shoulders areas. It's a tough class but I don't dread it....focussing on the coffee you're going to have afterwards always helps! After the gym, it was a cashmere and coated jeans day - gave my Topshop Joni Jeans an outing...
Cashmere Jumper - random brand via TK Maxx (similar here & here)
Black Coated Skinny Jeans - Topshop Joni
Tan Suede Ankle Boots - Mango (similar here)
Aztec patterned scarf - Accessorize (past season)

Wednesday, I had a couple of meetings about existing work and coffee with a potential new client. After those, I was a model for friend of a friend who's training to be a hairdresser (at Vintage Hair in Elmwood Avenue) and needed someone with a bob to work on. She did an amazing job - my hair is still sitting great as I type - more than 3 days later. The reason I didn't get a photo on Wednesday is that I went straight from the hair appointment to the school run and then had to leave the girls with my husband to go to the doctors to have a mole type thing removed from my abdomen. Nothing sinister but the GP wanted to scalpel it off under a local. It was a quick procedure and I was back home within the hour....but it meant the day was gone before I knew it!

Thursday was my running day but as the wound was feeling a bit sore, my running buddy and I decided to go for a long walk instead...which ended up being a 1.5 hour walk up (and back down) Cavehill. It's my favourite long walk in Belfast and the bonus was that there was snow at the top!
Afterwards, I did the school run in this:
Coat - Selected Femme (past season - similar here & here)
Jeans - Kings of Indigo via TK Maxx
Boots - Seven Boot Lane (past season - similar here)
Checked Blanket Scarf - H&M (past season - similar here & here)
Jumper - as above

Friday saw the snow reach lower levels...time to wrap up!
Grey Padded Jacket - Dunnes Stores (past season - similar here in the sale)
Distressed Jeans - Gap Outlet
Grey Off-Duty Merino Jumper - Boden past season
Grey & Navy Snood - TK Maxx (similar colour way here)
Navy Bobble hat - Dunnes Stores

It was a mixed day of working from home, taking delivery of a new washing machine (and immediately doing 3 loads that had accumulated!) and doing the grocery shop - which takes SO much longer and costs SO much more when you have to do it in-store. Definitely will be online organised next week.

Finishing with Saturday...all the rugby and hockey was cancelled because of the bad weather so I took the opportunity to go to another Body Pump class....must be mad but I was up early and my husband was at home so it was a good chance to escape. I then took another bout of the head staggers and made a batch of scones which we all devoured and basically, that cancelled out all the good of the gym! The afternoon saw us down at the MOT centre - all the's what I wore:

Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Cashmere Beanie - TK Maxx (similar here in black - sale!)
Grey Wool Coat - Mango (similar in sales here & here)
Black Wool Skirt - Marc Cain (similar here)
Grey Oversized Top - River Island
Boots - Mango (similar here & here)

And I'm in on a Saturday night writing this post....rock n roll....but where would you rather be on a cold night in January?

Ok - bed is calling my weary body...I hope you've had a good week and that you're enjoying the weekend. Oh my Hush Alice dress (from my last post) arrived but it's too big. Hoping to change for a smaller size if the M or S comes back into stock.

Have a good Sunday!




  1. Anonymous15:59

    I love the Kings of Indigo jeans with the Seven Boot Lane boots outfit, looks great. In fact I've really enjoyed all the different outfits you've put together over the week. Think I need to check out TK Maxx a bit more - my local one is a such a jumble sale though!

  2. Two body pump classes and a 1.5 hour walk?? I now officially feel like a sloth :(

  3. Loving all the looks from your week especially Tuesday and Saturday. You can't beat a good scarf when it's freezing.


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