Zara Sale Haul - Expectation vs Reality

As you know, I ordered some stuff to try on from the Zara sale as per this post so I thought you might like to see how I got on with it all. The title of this blog post probably says it all.....the reality definitely wasn't as good as I had expected but that was somewhat a relief as I can't afford it all anyway! Lots of randomness on the photos as I tried it all on at different times, in different lights etc. Hopefully you can get the gist of what they look like in reality.

Starting with the Cream Cape (size M), which I had the highest hopes for and in fact, it is a lovely piece. The quality is excellent and it's a nice boucle style fabric with a lovely weight to it, a zip closure and slits for your arms (rather than holes...if that makes sense).
My problem with it is that it sits very triangular on me, making me look bigger than I am on top (in not a good way). Also, it's shorter than my black cape and I don't think this length suits my long torso. I love the idea of it but it's not a piece that's going to work hard for me so it has to go back.

Verdict - return

The trench coat looks amazing online but I had concerns about it not being fitted at the waist and that is indeed the case. I ordered the size M and again, quality is good and it's a nice material and weight but being ruthless, I don't think the shape is that flattering on me and the sleeves are WAY too long....more my problem than Zara's though as my arms are on the short side. Possibly the S would have worked better in this one.
Verdict - return

The brown boucle coat is one I've seen on a few other stylish ladies on Instagram and it ticked lots of boxes for me in that it's collarless and looks good left open (how I prefer to wear my coats). The colour is good too as it's somewhere between grey and brown, so it suits my colouring.
The fit is great and the sleeves are perfect (yay) but there's a slight flaw at the hem where there seems to be a thread pulling it up inside which is so annoying. I'm unsure whether this is a sign to tell me I have enough coats and to send it back. It's sold out online so my only other option is to see if my friends at the Zipyard could fix it for me though that would be an extra cost...decisions decisions.

Verdict - undecided

And quality is a bit of an issue with the next two items. First up, the halter style black top (sold out in this colour), which looked fab on the website. In reality, it's utter rubbish. Totally see through, it's the cheapest of the cheap material and unwearable unless  you want to share your underwear (or your boobs) with the world. This is a size M.
Verdict - return

The Irregular Sweater tops I do like. I got a grey flecked one and a black one - both colours seem to be sold out now. I only tried on the black one and was happy with the size (M) though they are snug on the hips and have a tendency to ride up. But I adore the shape of them and the high wide neckline and suspect the L would look a bit shapeless on me.
However, after I chopped the labels and the annoying ribbon things off them, I tried on the grey one and found a hole in it down near the seam on one side. Sigh. Again, as it was so inexpensive and is sold out online, I'm getting the sewing kit out for this one.
Verdict - keep

Lastly, it's the slip on trainers in navy patent. Plus points are that they're comfy, navy and well priced. Negatives are that they look a bit big on my feet - though that could be because I've been wearing pointy black shoes so much over the past few weeks. Another negative is that the colour is a bit futuristic with a sheen that gives off other colours - instead of being just navy. This might appeal to some. I need to mull over these.
Verdict - undecided

And there you go - to add to the returns, I have the black cape that I ordered at £20 less than the one I got for a Christmas present. Problem being, I now can't find the receipt for the original one at £80. Honestly, you couldn't make it up sometimes....I have put it somewhere safe and promptly forgotten where that is. So the second cape is going back now. Please tell me you guys do stuff like this?!

Do tell me how you've gotten on with the Zara sale - any gems I've missed or have you had a better or similar experience? Oh and if you've not got enough of the sales, the Hush one started last night!!



  1. Oh no your cream one is going back! Mine's staying:) x

  2. I've done well in Zara this season so I braved a store and came away with a sweater and a dress that I'd been dithering about online. The dress went back and was exchanged for some jeans which are also going back. It does pay to be able to try these things at home and then return as it's easy to get carried away with thinking you are getting a bargain! You've stuck with your basics so I think all in all a good haul! I do hope you can find your receipt.....I keep mine altogether just in case! xx

  3. Interesting post! One of the big drawbacks living in Dublin is the lack of free delivery & returns so there isn't the same ease of ordering and trying on at home. A newer & bigger Zara opened up in Dundrum before Xmas, but I've found it really disappointing to date. Usually I have multiple things I'd like to buy but so far I've been completely uninspired. I love those irregular sweater tops though (which I've never seen instore!) - and have you decided to keep or return the navy trainers? I think they look great!

  4. I'm not a fan of Zara. The sizing doesn't seem to suit my shape and I've never been overly impressed with the quality either. I see others looking fabulous in it though. I do like the coat, what a shame about the fault. Lynne xx

  5. I placed a huge order with Zara, and ended up sending the whole lot back too! For me, it's a store that I need to physically be in, when I'm in the mood to spend an hour trying on clothes, and also prepared to be disappointed in most of it...And don't talk to me about the Hush sale - I ordered the Fire parka to try, went to post it back, and was told that it would cost £12 by Royal Mail!! Needless to say, it went by Collect Plus instead :0 xx


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