Warehouse & New Look try-on....

I got it into my head today that I needed some khaki in my wardrobe....specifically a khaki top. Not sure why but it all of a sudden seemed to be *the* missing piece in my wardrobe....the piece that would bring everything together. Maybe I just needed an excuse to go shopping. Believe it or not, I'm not a great browsing shopper. I have to have something specific to look for. Mind you, I'll buy all around me while I'm looking for that one item but to get me to the shops in the first place, I need a thing to look for.

Warehouse was first on my list and before I knew it, I had lots in my hands that I wanted to try on...all on a neutral/green theme.
Starting with this green mac. I love the shape and the colour is surprisingly neutral.
My only hesitation was that I need a black casual jacket more than another mac. A reluctant put back and now that I see the photos, I want it even more! <sits on credit card>

Next a couple of khaki tops and this first one was too big in a 14 but there was no 12. Great colour and lovely quality of jersey though. Can't find it online to link to - apologies.
The next one is closer to the colour I was looking for and has a lovely oversized shape
but I didn't like that it was a marl finish - I really wanted a solid khaki colour.

Then a couple of tops from the sale - this floral one has some great colours in it and a lovely open back detail which I've not tied properly but hopefully you get the gist.
This next cream one is almost a scuba style material and has a lovely pleat detail down the front. It was only a size 8 though and was a bit neat for me under the arms.
I love the putty colour in this next top, also in the sale. The pleating on the front is very flattering. It also has an open detail on the back.
I intended coming back to buy it after my grocery shopping but in fact, I ended up not going back to Warehouse for any of what I tried on because I saw a potential black jacket elsewhere en route!

But not before I'd called quickly into New Look, where I saw this asymmetric jumper from the Apricot range.
I get asked all the time about my Zara asymmetric knits and the cut of this is very similar. It's just £23 and again, I resisted but may go back now I've seen the pictures again (that's the good/bad thing about taking photos of what you try on!)

I did buy one thing in New Look - a khaki top! For £4 in the sale :) I didn't get a picture in store but here's one from when I got back home.
I prefer the shorter sleeve and the shape is great....already making up outfits in my head so that's always a good sign.

Oh and I'll share the black jacket on a separate post as I'm still mulling over it.

And here's what I wore today on the shopping trip.
Faux Leather Jacket - Dunnes Stores (past season)
Dark Wash Zipped Jeans - Pieszak via Sarah Jane Boutique
Scarf - preloved from DejaVu
Navy Bucket Bag - Warehouse (past season)

It's that time of year where coats are too warm and jackets a bit too cool so the scarf collection gets well worn. I am looking EVERYWHERE for a scarf with khaki in it, along with black and with a geometric/animal print (not floral!) but having no luck. Do let me know if you spot anything anywhere please.

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy St Patrick's Day! Easter school holidays started for us today so I'm taking the girls to Tipperary for a few days and leaving the boys here to fend for themselves. My son still has school for another week and doesn't go back until the 11th. So that'll be 3.5 weeks of Easter holidays to manage. There better be all the chocolate...



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  1. Avril! You must go back for the is amazing on you and so very similar to the Alexa/M&S collaboration one! Love it! Great bargain tee you picked up too! xx


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