Paris - Day 4

We are all a bit tired today - last night's carry on up at Place de la Republique went on until around 5.30am! We had earplugs but they weren't enough to block out the sirens entirely.
We walked up to the square at 9am to see the aftermath but the cleansing teams were working hard to remove all traces - though the occupation is ongoing with plenty of protesters about preparing for another day of action. It's sad to see the monument in the square defaced but it got off lightly compared to the bank premises. The BNP branch on the square has been almost entirely covered in paint.
But as in any city, life goes on and we were soon en route to Montmartre to have breakfast and visit the Sacre Coeur. Such a beautiful setting and church...
Next, we moved down into town again to walk through the jardin de tuileries to the Louvre. We started our walk at Concorde metro station where I had to get a picture in front of these tiles..
Top - River Island  
It was such a gorgeous day so we sat for a while to watch the world go by..
Then we headed over to check out the newest retail addition to the city - the refurbished and just reopened forum des halles. It's a stunning building with all the usual big chain stores like Zara and Mango....but I resisted the temptation - a combination of cabin baggage pressure and the poor exchange rate....oh and bank account pressures too!
And our time in Paris was over. We headed to the hotel to pick up our bags and then got the train to the airport....where I'm currently making the most of the free wifi to write this!
Back to my own bed tonight where I'm going to sleep like a revoir Paris. See you back in Belfast all. 


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  1. Safe travels home! Sounds like you packed in a huge amount during your four days. Really enjoyed reading these posts :)


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