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We had snow in parts of the UK and Ireland last week but hang on there because it looks like summer arrives this week! In any case, I wasn't even thinking about sandals or summer when I headed into Clarks last week to exchange the husband's birthday slippers (#officiallymiddleaged)
As I waited for the sales assistant to get his size, I couldn't resist a quick look at the new ranges and I have to say, I was well impressed with some of the sandals.....starting with these:
Clarks Tri Alexia - Black and Gold Metallic
Clarks Bliss Meadow - Metallic or Black
Clarks Cabaret Script - 3 colour ways
I also loved these and took a picture but it came out all blurry so here's the photo from the website. They come in black also:
Clarks Amelia Dally in Nutmeg
But then I went off piste and spotted some silver brogues...not really sure why they are calling to me but I'm definitely in the market for a metallic shoe of some sort this season. Back a few years ago, I had a great pair of soft (not shiny) silver pumps that I wore and wore - they go with everything. So seeing these brogues in Clarks got me mulling over this again. Here are the two that I liked the most and that are currently on sale:
The ones on the left aren't showing online and the ones with the black laces are sold out online in all but tiny sizes here: Clarks Taylor Beauty
My only criticism is that they had really long laces! I also wasn't sure about the brown I held off. 
But trying them on made me realise I've got a silver shoe gap in the wardrobe and I started that dangerous 'looking online' business...
First up some strappy pumps from ASOS which come in wide fit also though perhaps a bit too mirror silver for me..
and I've seen Rosemary McCabe rocking these next ones and love that they're not just quite as reflective. I keep adding them to my basket but not following through:
Pointed Metallic Heels (look much better on Rosemary - link above)
Finally from ASOS, I'm strangely drawn to silver trainers as I wonder would they be a less formal looking way to do the silver shoe thing...but I could also end up looking like a tragic rap mamma:
So onto safer territory and possibly the most wearable of them all are these next two from Boden. The shape and colour are very similar to the ones I used to wear and found so useful.
These are similar - minus the scallop and the point I think. 
Would need to order both to check them out but my sister is having a Boden party next week so I'll hold off to see if they are in her sample delivery.

But all told, I'm waiting for the sunshine to push me to purchase. And there's not been much over the last few days judging by what I've been wearing:
Jeans - 2nd Day
Coat - Gerard Darel
Scarf - Zara
Trainers - Adidas Superstars
Rose Gold and Grey Bracelet - Miglio
Rose Gold and Grey Watch - DKNY (from my trip to Boston)
Grey Split Side Jumper, Scarf & Jeans - Zara
Trainers - Onitsuka Tiger (past season)
Faux Leather Biker Jacket - Dunnes (past season)
Jeans - F&F at Tesco Premium Skinny
Navy Oversized Top - Mango (past season)
Navy Suede Ankle Boots - Ash Jalouse (past season - current season here)

Hope you're having a good week!




  1. Yes I've recently had to contain myself and just buy one pair of Clarkes sandals. I bought a pair from m&s which I returned as the strap cut into me across top of my foot. The clarkes on the other hand are very comfortable.

  2. I was in Clarks on Monday buying my daughter shoes and spotted the silver brogues and there were silver loafers too that were just gorgeous! The loafers are playing on my mind a bit actually. Good to see someone else is still in their winter coat too, not just me then :-/

  3. I've ben living in trainers recently, for some reason I'd forgotten all about my Ash boots - thank you for the reminder! I love a silver shoe and those Clarks ones were lovely - I hope you don't regret it but I've seen the Boden scallops in the flesh and love them so fingers crossed for the party x

  4. A girlfriend bought the prettiest silver daps in Clarks recently, such an instant 'Spring' updater to any outfit x

  5. Love the pointed metallic heels. Great looks :)

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