Tan Cross Body Bag Perfection

I've been looking for the perfect tan cross body bag for a couple of years now. I wanted something similar to my black Boden one - specifically with a flap over top, which allows you to expand the bag if necessary. I also wanted a particular colour to match my Clarks and Palmaira sandals as they are the ones I wear most at this time of year.

So when I saw this beauty from House of Fraser, it had to be mine. It ticked all the boxes in butter-soft leather with gorgeous suede detail - all for less than £100 - not much less than £100 but still, it was my birthday....
Tan Cross Body Bag - Mint Velvet via House of Fraser
I've used it almost constantly for the last two weeks and can confirm that it has filled the tan bag void for more searching required!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen it a few times already. I'm just re-sharing those pictures on here for those of you haven't seen it yet...
Khaki Shirt/Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Kings of Indigo (via TK Maxx, past season) 
Sandals - Clarks
Handbag - House of Fraser
Shorts - TU at Sainsburys (past season)
Off The Shoulder Top - H&M
Handbag - as before

Oh and I've not forgotten about my other wardrobe senior moment that I promised on my last post. It's coming next along with what I wore on a recent hen night...



  1. It's gorgeous! I do love Mint Velvet. That khaki jacket is great as well, I saw a Camo one in-store at Urban Outfitters but couldn't find it online - very frustrating! Jane X

  2. What a beautiful bag Avril! I've often looked at Mint Velvet bags as they are such gorgeous quality! That colour is so perfect to go with everything too!xx

  3. Avril are the palmairas true to size and are they comfirtable?

    1. Yes Julie - very comfortable. Size wise, they're possibly a little on the bigger side & do stretch a little so if you're between sizes, go down. Don't worry if they feel small initially-you want them snug when they arrive! X

  4. Serious bag envy, especially as I am now the proud owner of the covetable Clarks strappies! 👜💗👠💗


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