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Following on from my post about M&S's latest AW16 stock, I'm moving onto Dunnes now and this is a brand that has really upped its game in recent years with lots of designer collaborations and store revamps.

For instance, if you're near Belfast, Dunnes has completely overhauled their Forestside store and it is flipping no Dunnes I've ever been in before. And it's the perfect store to visit to see the best of their designer collaborations, starting with Carolyn Donnelly's 'The Edit'.
If you're of my vintage and from Ireland, you'll remember Quin & Donnelly, the source of many a wedding outfit in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I have a vivid memory of turning up at a wedding in Donegal c.2002 and how can I put it....'co-ordinating' with another guest in my silk trouser suit from Q&D. <shudder>
Anyway, moving on a few years and Caroline is now a Creative Director with Dunnes and has had a home and womenswear range with the store for about 3 years called 'The Edit'
I had hoped to be wowed by the range after reading a few gushing blogger reviews (never a good thing!) and there are pieces that are lovely but over all, it was a bit too grown up for me (seeing as I'm only 30 in my head)...too much like conservative office wear, which obviously some people need....but I don't.

But a few basics that did appeal included this cream top - perfectly opaque too:
and this white shirt insert - great for the white shirt effect without all the ironing :)
This roll neck grey jumper is a classic:
and I wanted to love this blue coat though it was a bit underwhelming when tried on. Nice but not wow
and it had a funny scarf thing that I wasn't sure what to do with!
The Lennon Courtney range is a little more edgy but more in the work/dressy space than I need. Some lovely pieces though:
And then, probably more widely known, Paul Costelloe's range is very classic and the most expensive of all their designer lines. Again, a great work-wear option also:
I think for me, the most wearable and coincidentally, the best value in the Paul Costelloe range is the knitwear (all on this link) - mostly priced at around £45. I'll definitely be back for some.
So I love a good designer collaboration as much as the next woman but I did wonder if Dunnes NI is ready for this? I think that south of the border, people know these designers well and are prepared to come into Dunnes and spend this kind of money but up here (and across the water if it's launching there too), I'm not sure shoppers are going to appreciate these designers to the same extent. I hope I am wrong and I think the store revamps will help to shift the mindset of Dunnes being just one or two notches above the likes of Primark/Penneys, which is where they always were when I was growing up.

For me though, the real hit in Dunnes stores at the moment is the Gallery range:
Very Mint Velvet in looks and much more appropriately priced for Dunnes. These skinnies are that great shade of grey/brown that just goes with everything:
Are you getting the Mint Velvet vibe?
This next top was RIGHT up my street and I couldn't stop thinking about it after seeing it in the Belfast store early last week...which is why I ended up going to Forestside the next day to buy it...more below...
and this grey top is just the perfect simple top that you'll wear and wear...layer it with a white vest underneath:
and here I am in the size M which was a bit too big so I'd get the S if I was buying it:
Thought this was black top perfection - wearable casually, formally and at work. Unfortunately, I can't find it online.
And you know how much I love a high neck cream blouse:
There are two colour ways in this boat neck striped top:
The Savida range also had some gems - it's the next best reason to go into Dunnes. Check out these amazing boots...I am SO ready for boots again!
Navy Mid-Heel boots - not online 
This similar denim high neck blouse to the M&S one. Not available online.
And I can't get enough of this wide sleeve cream knit
also available in a gorgeous golden yellow shade:
Adore this print
Just love how they've merchandised it too..
So I mentioned above that I went back to Dunnes to get the oyster coloured drape top I saw in Belfast above. Sadly, Forestside only had a size Large left so I tried it on hopefully:
but reluctantly didn't buy as it just felt too big and sloppy. A couple of days later, I saw there was a medium in stock and I tried it:
But again - it still felt a bit big. They had the size small in the black:
But it felt a bit neat. I'm going to go back once I have no kids with me and it's not a really hot day outside. I was getting so flustered that day and was too hormonal to make a decision :)

So the overall verdict on Dunnes Stores AW16? I'm hugely impressed with the Gallery Range and can see a few of these pieces making their way into my wardrobe this season. The designer collaborations are also worth checking out too if you've a bit more budget to spend. I'm interested to see how they do in the UK stores - the winter sale will be a good time to gauge this.

For anyone without a Dunnes Stores shop near to you, there's free delivery currently on all online orders over £40. Returns are not free however...but I'm always ok with just paying for one side of it...cannot bear to pay postage AND returns costs!

Do let me know if you've had a chance to try out any of the range or have spotted something great that I've not featured here. 

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend (in the UK). I'm out tonight with some girl friends at a gig that runs until 3am (equally scared & excited at this prospect) and also out tomorrow night with my husband on a long overdue date night so I'm not anticipating being up to blogging until Monday at the earliest :) but you can follow my antics on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in the meantime. 


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  1. Hi Avril. We lost our local Dunnes which is a shame. Not sure i would order online as some of the sizing etc used to be hit and miss but might have a gander!!


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