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I've just been for my second lash lift and I am officially hooked. So much so, I just had to share about it on here.  My first treatment was done in the middle of June and until a couple of weeks ago, I had the most fab lashes. It was amazing how long the effect lasted. Even in recent weeks, I only needed a little bit of lash primer to give my lashes a bit of colour and lift.

In my pursuit of better lashes, I have realised I'm not a fan of anything that sticks on. Back in early June, I tried individual lashes but in my mind, they looked too fake. Maybe they would have worked if I wore tons of make up but with my usual minimal face, they looked unnatural and actually, they bothered me too - I felt like pulling them out after just one day! It was the same feeling I get when I've ever had nail extensions and I suspect I'd be the same with hair extensions. That sense of something that's not part of you. 

Around the time I had the individual lashes done, I met a lovely lady called Natalie at church but it was only after our second or third time meeting up when I mentioned that I'd spent the previous evening desperately trying to take fake lashes off, that she told me she has a beauty room in Lisburn and that she suspected I might just love having a Lash Lift done.
So after doing an allergy test, I booked in for my first treatment..

To explain briefly, a Lash Lift is where your lashes are permed and tinted so that they curl upwards and look like they have mascara on. In practice, it involved me lying under a blanket with my eyes closed in a quiet room for about 45 minutes.  Bliss anyone? 
It doesn't hurt or sting - in fact, some people fall asleep when they're having the treatment. Natalie kept me updated throughout, explaining what she was doing but during the main waiting phase, she left me alone in the room to relax. It was just lovely! No phone, no little people. Just peace.

It works particularly well on anyone who has quite straight lashes already but if you take a look at some of Natalie's before and after photos on her Facebook page, you'll see that no matter the original lash style or colour, there's a noticeable wow with each one. Here's my before & after as photographed by Natalie:
For local readers, here are some pictures from inside Natalie's salon, which is based above Platinum Hair on Batchelors Walk, near the train station in Lisburn. If you are looking for a non-pretentious, competitively priced, professional salon, I can't recommend it enough. 
Make up area: Natalie used to work for a few well known beauty counters so she's an expert on the best brands for each part of your make-up bag. No.7 is a favourite of hers for foundation, which surprised me!
and here's the lovely Natalie herself and a very chilled out me! During my second treatment, I opted to have my toes painted while I was lying with the lash treatment taking effect. Multi-tasking at its best
A huge thanks to Natalie for introducing me to LashLift! Oh and I should say, this is not a sponsored post.
You can find Natalie's Facebook page on this link. Simply send her a message if you need to get in touch!


Note - I've been asked about how this treatment differs to LVL and what Natalie tells me is they are two different brand names so salons will offer either one or the other. Wherever you go, Natalie advises that you ensure it's a reputable salon that carries out a a skin-test. 


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