An entire outfit for less than £100?

As queen of budget dressing, I love a challenge so when the new TK Maxx store in Ards Shopping Centre, Newtownards, asked me to make up an entire outfit for less than £100, I was all over it!

The store only opened a few months ago and I'd heard lots of buzz so I was delighted to have an excuse to head over for a look and ladies, it didn't disappoint. From the huge selection in this gorgeous new store to the easy on the eye sales assistants (seriously - on the night I was there, the staff was almost entirely made up of guys in their 20's who couldn't have been more helpful - did this hassled 40+ mamma the world of good I tell you!).
Having the craic with the young man at the till....
The centre was kind enough to send a photographer around with me as I shopped as they wanted to capture the process of selecting an outfit. All sounded good in theory but in practice, I did feel a bit hassled....despite Brendan (the photographer) telling me to just ignore him and not worry about how long it was all taking, I couldn't help but feel it was like shopping with the kids or the husband. I found myself saying constantly 'I'm just over here - won't be long now..etc' and I began to panic that I'd not find an outfit and that Brendan would lose the bap with me. And my concern translated into major bitchy resting face.....I need to work on that expression!
BRF in all its glory...
But of course, I was working with a pro - both a pro at photography and a pro at shopping with a woman. He was well able for the deliberations and delays and luckily for the blog post, he did stay around for the final outfit.
Looking at the photos now, I still can't believe I got it all for £100 - boots and all The boots are actually from well known brand Heavenly Feet. Leather, super comfortable and reduced to just £19.99.
However, they were the last pair in the shop and were a half size too big so after much deliberation and use of insoles, I reluctantly exchanged them. Couldn't get the same again in the smaller size sadly but I managed to get a similar pair in plain black....they're not as comfortable though!
The coat is by Kew and is a boiled wool style - it was just £34.99 but is so warm and has a lovely neckline with no collar. My favourite style of coat. The jumper (which you can see better in the photo above where I'm holding it on the hanger) is a make I've not heard of but I love the colour and it was such a great match to the scarf...the latest one to join my growing collection of blanket scarves. I love that it has black in it as well as navy...makes it very versatile.

Finally, the jeans were £14.99 and they have just the right amount of distressing. I've gone off big rips but do like a little bit of wear on my jeans, especially when I'm wearing more formal tops or boots. These have been a real hit on my wardrobe and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen them worn lots since these photos were taken 3 weeks ago. One of the reasons I love TK Maxx so much is the denim...I have so many great pairs I picked up there from brands I'd never heard of before.

The total outfit cost was £94.95 and as well as being a great outfit in itself, each of the different parts of it are wearable with other outfits so it's a great one to integrate into my existing wardrobe.
Thanks to Ards Shopping Centre for inviting me to take part in this TKMaxx £100 Blogger Challenge! You can like their Facebook page on this link to keep up to speed with events and offers in the centre.

And to Brendan Gallagher - patient photographer of the year.

Disclaimer - I was gifted the items I feature on this post but I was not paid to write it, nor was I obliged to blog at all...I simply wanted to share the bitchy resting face pictures with you :)
As always, thanks for supporting the brands and businesses that support this blog!



  1. Love the bitchy resting face :o)

    And I love a good TK Maxx rummage too when I have the time. I've had a few gems from there in my time. x

  2. You look incredible! I always avoid tk maxx as I can't be bothered to rummage - but it looks like I'm missing out! xx


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