30 Day Challenge || Days 4 & 5

Well that was a bit of a mad 24 hours! I'm honestly overwhelmed by the reaction to the name change. I've had emails and comments, messages and phone calls. I have still to reply to so many of them (and I will) but for now, I want to sincerely thank you all for your support. I was so scared about changing the name and for some crazy reason, I kickstarted the process while making the dinner. I mean, seriously??
I ended up in a total tizzy with hungry kids, basketball runs and doorbells ringing, all while I was trying to remember endless passwords and work out how to put a CNET something or other onto my URL provider while redirecting other URLs and clearing head was spinning for hours afterwards! But I did it - without any help from any tech people....I did try to enlist someone but there's no-one out there who helps with Blogger - most bloggers seem to use Wordpress these days.

I should say that there are still a few wee tweaks to make...including a new layout on here and a different header/logo space. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do that over the weekend.

But back to the 30 day challenge for this post as I didn't get to show you Day 4 & 5's outfits yet. Wednesday saw me back at work so it was time for a smarter outfit in the shape of my green Benetton crew neck jumper & white shirt, navy Hobbs trousers and black loafers from Seven Boot Lane.
I didn't really like this outfit - loved the shirt and jumper but not the trousers and so I've dropped them from my 30 items. I hadn't tried them on before the challenge and they're a little too short and a little too formal for me - AND I don't have the right shoes. The metallic brogues didn't work with them..they're definitely better with black or grey trousers.

Today started with torture at the gym in the form of Kettlebells HIIT - I dread it and it feels like the longest hour of the day but if you only have an hour to spend in the gym - this is the one. Total killer. I was too exhausted to get showered and dressed immediately after it but finally, by lunchtime (and after some food), I showered and changed into this:
Poncho - Gray & Osbourne (past season - similar here)
Denim Shirt - White Company (past season - similar here)
Scarf - Dunnes Stores (current season but not online)

It's an outfit I love but I found myself getting frustrated generally with the limited choice of the 30 items. And it's only Day 5. Awkward. But I'm forging ahead. I can do this!

Back soon talking about tying scarves...I've been asked about 10 times this week alone!




  1. I was thinking about you this morning as I made a mess of tying my scarf!

  2. Yes! Scarves please! I look like I fell into my scarf.

  3. Love your blog. Love the name change too! Please keep going :)
    And if you could help with straight leg or tapered trousers for chunky calves (I run) I'd really appreciate it. Really struggling for work trousers :-/


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