Day 6, 7 & 8 || Scarf Tying Advice

I'm just going to fire these pictures up as I'm not sure what more I can say about them....perhaps 'You've seen it all before'...or 'Yawn'? Starting with today's outfit which went to church and into Belfast briefly but mostly could be found in the kitchen.
Trainers - New Balance (similar on link)
Cashmere Knit - Gray & Willow (similar on link - not cashmere)
Cross Body Bag - Boden (past season)

Yesterday, the twins and I had a lovely day in Banbridge. I shared a few pictures over on Facebook as we found some gorgeous shops. I purchased a jumper and a pair of shoes but they're both put away until February (sob)
White Top - Benetton
Scarf - Miss Selfridge (past season though there is a v similar on in-store)
Finally, Friday's outfit. Some jaunty shoes to liven things up!
Meanwhile, I keep being asked about tying scarves and this week more than any other, I've had countless emails and comments asking me how I tie mine....probably because they are going to make or break this style challenge. How boring it would be without a great scarf or 30.

So I thought, despite how cringey I find it, I'd re-share my YouTube video - you can see it on this link here. What it demonstrates is that key to tying any scarf well is to work with the corners. Take a look and forgive my lack of video/editing/title skills!! 

Honestly, I tell you that here really isn't a huge mystery to tying scarves. I think we've all been bamboozled by the 50 ways and the 20 ways videos which end up just confusing the issue and in fact, many of the methods are super contrived anyway - no doubt made up on the day to get to the desired final number! 
If you just remember the corner rule, you are sorted 90% of the time. A bit of practice will likely be required mind you, but you'll get the hang of it. 

Just a few iterations..for finer scarves, I sometimes tie the opposite corners together (small knot), drape the scarf over my head like a necklace and either leave it hang or double it over - depending on length. It's a nice one to try if the scarf isn't heavy and big enough to work as per the video.

Another option with finer scarves is to tie them choker style around the neck multiple times. This works best with silky scarves. Again I take a corner of the scarf and shakes it out straight before starting to wind it around my neck. 

Finally, with Square scarves, I think the best way is to take opposite corners again, hold the scarf in front of your body (should hang with a v-shape pointing down). Bring your hands up behind your head, swap the corners between your hands and pull them down either side of your chest. You've the option to tuck them underneath the scarf if desired.

Broadly speaking, I'd say thicker woolier scarves ARE harder to tie and even using the corner technique, I find myself a bit overwhelmed with them after wearing for a while. Look for a scarf in a fairly fluid acrylic, viscose or wool mix and look for something around the 180 x 90 size to give you enough to work with but not too much. The scarves in the video are both that size.

I hope that helps - shout with questions. I had hoped to do some photos but time was against me today. I'll add them to this post when I have daylight and a cooperative child.

Oh and while I'm on, can I do a shout out to a local company, Bella and Bessie who have just launched their SS17 range of scarves. Gillian & Glynis set up the company back in September and and I got the most fab checked scarf from them this weekend from their sale stock. I'll share it on the next blog's currently all that's keeping me going for Day 9 of this blasted challenge!!



  1. I knew I wasn't tying my scarves right, thank you so much for this.

  2. Love your scarf tying demo! Spot on. I would be getting so frustrated with this 30 day challenge, although it's probably something I could benefit from...I look forward to seeing more of your outfits! Jane x

  3. Yay 😊 I successfully left a message! Avril the new blog looks fab love ❤️ the new name- nice font too- well done you. Alix xx


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