Something to look forward to || Day 10

I've discovered the perfect antidote to the 30 day wardrobe challenge - looking at new season collections and picking the things that I can buy in February!
HOWEVER - I'm going to struggle to wear some of the trends I'm seeing online - namely wide sleeves and ruffles so I'm expecting lots of frustration as I try them on. The main issue is that my arms are short - so the likes of this next top from Marks & Spencer, which I adore, is going to end up flapping around my knuckles. Fine for blog photos and for prancing about on coffee dates and trips to the city but completely frustrating for doing anything practical in the home or office. 
I will try it on in hope though and report back.
And now to ruffles. SO much of the new season has them down the arms and across both shoulders. This I can't do as I've already got quite developed arms and shoulders and I start to look like an Eastern European hammer thrower.
But I can manage a ruffle down the front and in the bust area so this is how I'll do the trend. Shorter sleeves on this one too so no flappy wrist action but my only concern is that it looks a bit grey on the model over on the website. I'll only buy this if it's as bright white as it looks in this picture. One to look for in-store.
Still with M&S and I'm usually unable to cope with leopard shoes but these I do like. I think it's the more muted colour and the black laces. Again - I want to see them in the flesh...
Next now and I've got my eyes on this lacy top in's styled so nicely in the directory:
This pink/red one has the right kind of ruffles too. Perfect for those of us more challenged in the bust area: 
This grey and pink jacket caught my eye - it looks like a great smart casual option:
Another Next top and more ruffles down the front. I love my sleeveless tops so this is one I want to try for when the weather warms up eventually.
Saw these slip on trainers and fell in love - no idea how practical they are to wear but I'll be investigating.
I've not looked at bottom halves really as you know how much I love my skinnies. Don't be expecting any early adaptor action on the denim trends front from me. But I must confess to being drawn to these and think they could work well with trainers. Only £24 too.
Next, I took a look at the Boden site but I was so agog at the new season prices! This sweatshirt is honestly the only thing I feel I could pay full price for (with a handy 20% code obviously!)
So I wasn't long looking at the full price and instead decided to see if there are any sale bargains left. I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of cross body bags in black. Still over £60 but the quality is always great in Boden bags and it's the kind of bag you'll wear and wear.
Finally, this knit seems like a great buy too - it's a perfect cotton mix knit for SS17 but has been well reduced in the sale - probably because of the sparkles on it. They're very subtle though.
I'll have another mooch online over the weekend to bring you anything else that takes my fancy on a few other sites but for now, I'll leave you with Day 10 of the challenge. Where's Day 9 and 11 I hear you ask? Blogger fail - I forgot to get photos. It's so hard on the days I work because by the time I get the kids and get home, there's no daylight. But I plan to recreate them for you tomorrow (snow permitting) and report back asap!
Day 10 was a work outfit and I realise now that this fab jumper (see the pic below too see the gorgeous ruffle detail on the neck) isn't actually that good a match for the scarf. Sigh. I hate that about navy....too many shades.
Jumper - Oasis (sale stock - not online)
Grey Wool Trousers - Max Mara (via DejaVu)
Scarf - Fat Face (past season)
Boots - Seven Boot Lane (out of stock)
Oh and I wanted to share these earrings I got in a shop called Woven in Banbridge on Saturday. They're from a local company called Lines & Current and you can buy them online also on this link. I've not worn earrings for years so I was relived that the holes were still there and I must say, I've loved wearing them this week and may have re-found my love of earrings again!
I've been asked about them falling out as they don't have a back on them. But I've not had any issues other than them occasionally getting a bit pushed up when I wear a massive scarf like I did in these photos.
Heading to my bed now and looking forward to some snow action tomorrow! Other than a gym class, I've nothing in the diary so I'm going to enjoy a day of working at home in my slippers with a large jug of coffee.

Stay safe and warm my friends,



  1. Loving the cropped jeans & navy broiderie blouse, pricey for Next though! X

  2. Love that you've discovered Lines and Current!

  3. I've got the Edwina jumper - quite by accident actually as it was in my basket on my work computer and when I ordered something else from my phone the basket and checkout showed as empty... So of course the order confirmation email had my intended item plus that jumper on it! Oooo I was spitting feathers but I tried it when it came as it looked nice and it's actually one of the best things I've had from them in a long long time. So all is well I guess :)


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