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There's not much brain power goes into any of my shoe purchases. I seem to lose rational thought when faced with fabulous footwear and I place the blame firmly with my mother. My sisters and I have all inherited her weakness for shoes and in fact, I went missing when I was about 3 in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford (police were involved - my poor parents!) and was found trying on ladies shoes. It was my happy place from an early age.

Which brings me onto today which started with 3 hours spent watching 23 different Girls' Brigade groups each perform the same poem about a hungry crocodile. I wanted to be savaged by the crocodile (or any wild animal) by the 23rd performance. It wasn't even a long poem but there were huge delays and deliberations between performances. It was like some sort of medieval torture. I think I must be a bad mother because all the other mums in the room seemed to enjoy it or maybe they are just better at hiding their boredom.

It was enough to drive me to drink but instead I drove to Boucher Road for an unhealthy lunch and then I remembered River Island was close by. Time to bring joy back to my Saturday. 
(We're finally at the shoe part of this post)

While the kids deliberated about the best way to spend a £1 in Poundland. I went next door to look for the Gucci Princetown dupes that Susie So So blogged about this week. They really are as gorgeous in the flesh and there was one size 6 left.  

But the left one had a scuff at the toe so I spoke to the manager who offered me a discount. 
No brainer No. 1.
I think I actually prefer the embroidery on these to the Gucci ones.
Of course, they're not leather but I think they're a bit of a passing trend so they'll do me just fine for a few seasons. 
But before I went to pay, I also spotted these beauties...also Gucci-esque (Jordaan Leather Loafers here) but a bit better suited to early spring with an enclosed back. 
Went over for a closer look and saw the sale tag hanging off. 
No brainer No. 2.
5 minutes later, I'm on the Gucci floral mule/loafer blogger bandwagon (without the fur....that's a step too far!) 
Spring, I'm ready for you.



  1. Thanks for the lovely mention Avril and your shoes were an absolute steal. Both pairs! x

  2. Oh my goodness, those shoes are gorgeous :)

    Rachael xx.


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