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Quick changing room try on session from the other day that I wanted to get up here fast while the stock is still (mostly) left in limited sizes. I was passing the Belfast Oliver Bonas shop on Thursday and it was pouring rain so what better excuse to nip in for a look. Even better, my friend Wendy was working there that day so that meant I didn't have to explain why I was bringing 15 items into the changing room for ages while taking endless photos.

First up, please excuse the gym gear. I had planned to go to kettlebells that morning but something else cropped up and I ended up missing the class. I promise I wasn't all sweaty doing this try on - but it's fair to say that the leggings don't really show anything of what I tried on in its best light. Hence, I've downloaded images from the website to show you each item properly styled.

Starting with this knit which is new stock and comes in cream and black. Reminiscent of my River Island tops that I wear endlessly but which badly need replaced.  I ended up preferring the cream in the end surprisingly. Here's the online image of the black one:
and here it is on me. Have I ever told you how much I love slits up the side of jumpers. LOVE.

They're something between a knit and a soft fleecy jersey material. Thick enough that the cream isn't see-through. Very tempted to go back for both colours but as I'm overdrawn already this month, I'll hold out for another few weeks on these. Hoping the fact that they're new stock will mean they'll still be there next month.
This next jumper dress is in the sale and it's probably the hardest one to show you and for your to visualise but the shape and the hang of the fabric are gorgeous:
It's very All-Saints like and I could see it worn now with a long sleeved layer or a shirt underneath but equally, it would work in the summer. I'm wearing the only one left in the Belfast store and it is a size M. I'd have preferred it a tiny bit shorter so would have loved to try the S. The colour is fab too - more like a dark blue than a navy.
I've admired the next jumper in the shop on a number of occasions. The stripes are black and navy, on grey..with a bit of white thrown in. Perfection. It's down to £15 in the sale. Here it is online:
There was only a 12 left in-store which felt a bit too big on me - definitely an oversized fit and perhaps too much so for my liking.
I adore this next one - so Hush in styling and I'm a bit wary of stuff written on clothes but I think I can cope with 'Make Believe'...especially in this nice font. It's got a sparkle in the knit which gives it the teeniest tiniest air of Christmas jumper but the fab grey/white colour makes it very spring-like too. Here it is on the model:
This was my biggest dilemma as there were only size 16's left - that's what I'm wearing in the picture.  I think it's fine in the body but the sleeves were an issue. Really torn...there was a size 10 online on Thursday but it's all sold out online now. Perhaps it's not meant to be...
This next jumper is another great one I know I'd wear loads. The shape and fit is just fab. Here's the online image:
and here I am wearing a 12. Properly cursing my lack of funds at this stage...
But this next coat took my mind off jumpers momentarily. It's the most gorgeous cut and a kind of navy/denim material that looks like a tweed. But it's actually a wool/cotton mix. Although it's half price, it's still £60 which given I couldn't justify £30 for a jumper, means I have to try to forget about it....but omg...I can't stop thinking about it.
Here it is online:
and here it is on me. I'm wearing a size 10 though it is a 'free-size' kind of coat to some degree:
Moving swiftly onto something else and this top is down to £15 in the sale. It's a heavy blouse material. I think it would look fab with one of those fake collars's just missing something for me. Here it is on the website:
And here it is on me:
and finishing with a couple of new season pieces. This next blouse is FAR nicer than it looks on me here. This is how I wanted it to look on me:
And this is it on me....the blush/nude colour just doesn't do anything for my skin tone. But it's a gorgeous blouse and not too long in the torso which I know ticks a box for many.
Oh and I can't finish without mentioning the scarves. Always fab - especially this one though my only complaint is that the print isn't the same on both sides - it's more faded on one side. A personal gripe of mine with scarves so I didn't try it on. The colours tho....

Before I left, Wendy showed me this new book that's in stock now - in case I was having any regrets about changing the blog's name. I NEVER will after seeing this book...though it is very funny, it definitely sums up nicely why the change was needed:
Did you know a 'Boden of Mums' was a thing?!!
Right Saturday morning - time to make a move. My lack of sale shopping funds has me mulling over doing a bit of a wardrobe sell-off. Would anyone like that? I cleared out lots when I started the challenge and I have a ton of scarves from the shop that I've never gotten round to selling off. 
Watch this space...

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  1. The I-spy book has just made me laugh out loud (I used to collect them many moons ago). I'm a great lover of Boden but to use the name as a collective noun for a certain type of Mum is inspired but I do hope I'm not one of them!


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