3 Spring Additions for your Wardrobe | Victoria Square

Last week I was given the challenge to find 3 items to zing up my wardrobe for SS17 - all in Victoria Square, Belfast's most stylish shopping centre. Well, I'm not going to turn down an opportunity like that - the bonus being that my beauty blogging friend Nicola from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog was in at the same time, sourcing her 3 top beauty buys for SS17. You can read about them on the link above.

So after a quick coffee in Starbucks, Nic offered to take some photos of my famous shopping bitchy resting face. You'd think I'd be so happy to be in Kurt Geiger but oh no....BRF all the way.
Trainers were on my mind as I think they're the best spring footwear choice to replace boots. Still substantial enough to get you through April showers and cold mornings but they have that touch of spring and glimpse of ankle that we're all looking for after months of boot-wearing.
I loved the trainers in Kurt Geiger however I didn't find the plain white style I had my heart set on, though the nude Orla ones above were calling to gorgeous and glam!
But then I spotted Lifestyle Sports, a retailer I thought was only found in the south of Ireland. I was wrong - they have a few outlets up here but the Victoria Square store is their only Belfast shop. Trainer mission was complete with the purchase of classic Adidas Stan Smiths in plain white.
Gingham was next on my list so I headed for Topshop where I got hugely distracted by a bunch of other bits and pieces..
and the BRF endured...
Cue one long and exhausting fitting room session and item 2 - a cute gingham cropped jacket - was purchased!
At this stage, Nic left me to go and explore the House of Fraser beauty counters and with yellow on my mind, I headed into Mango where I knew there was a jacket that might work for me. Amazingly, despite the bright colour, I bought it within minutes. The fit is gorgeous and even though it's yellow, it's not a bright in your face yellow...more of an ochre shade. Item 3 secured.
And here are all 3 items together...
What I love is that I can mix and match them with so much of my existing wardrobe. Remember the floral dress from my last post? It's going to be amazing with the jacket. The gingham will work with black/white or denim jeans but it'll also be amazing with khaki skinnies, black culottes and with a dress. I love that it's on trend but properly work appropriate. It's going to work so well with a black shift dress and heels.
The trainers...well they're not going to need any easing into my existing wardrobe. I had them on the same day I bought them! They're just a classic and I know I'll have them for years. Bonus on these is that I was able to fit the boys size 5.5 so they were only £50 (though randomly, the ones with green and blue trim are £48?)

So there you go - all the SS17 zing and all secured within a couple of hours in Victoria Square Shopping Centre. Oh and before I sign off, I need to let everyone who's local or indeed in Belfast at the weekend that the Victoria Square Spring Carnival takes place on 8th & 9th April - loads to see and do in the centre to celebrate the start of the Easter Holidays! For more details click on their website here -

Thanks to the team at VSQ for inviting me in and thank you to Nic for being so patient while taking my photos. I'm not the easiest model to work with!

Disclaimer - I was supplied with a gift card to help with my 3 purchases...though of course, I overspent! I wasn't paid to, nor obliged to write this post. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that support this blog, without which, it would become a diary of fashion-induced bankruptcy.
Photo Credit - the shots taken in the centre are by Nicola McCullough - Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog. The rest are my own :) x



  1. You picked three fab choices!!! I think white runners are such a staple piece for Spring xxx

    1. Aren't they just - and I've been meaning to try Stans for pleased with them. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Alison, Avril x

  2. Love the jacket! How did it work out sizing wise? I've my eye on a similar one but no Mango near me to try on 😰. I've a feeling you need to size up?

    1. Hi Anna - you're so right re the jacket! It's neat. I bought the S as there wasn't a M in stock and it does fit me but it's neat and so I'll not be wearing it with anything heavy underneath! It's a fab wee jacket - I'm thinking of wearing it at the weekend if the sun keeps shining. Avril x

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