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The radio silence on here has been forced I'm afraid as last Sunday I had a massive flare up of nerve pain down my right leg which has literally grounded (bedded) me since. I'm hoping with a couple of weeks of rest and anti-inflammatories, I'll be back to myself again and thankfully this time, although invariably connected to the back, I don't have any back pain so I'm fairy mobile when the pain meds are working.
Judging from the messages of support and well wishes I've been getting all week, I'm most definitely not alone here. I've been amazed at the number of you who are suffering and how many are finding it hard to have their pain appreciated at home or work. My heart genuinely goes out to you all - nerve pain is so difficult to treat and so debilitating.

But as any of you who suffer with spells in bed will testify, social media is a great distraction and for me, it gives me a chance to fill fantasy shopping baskets. I don't have the time to constantly check out my favourite shops online so it's such a treat to have been able to do so this week (while binge watching The Affair!)
So as if they knew about my fuzzy medicated brain, the guys at Boden started a diminishing discount today which immediately prompted me to create a basket. I will say that the DimDis is sometimes a sign of an impending sale but you can never be sure and anything that's selling well won't last that long anyway. So I'll take 25% and free delivery & returns for now and here's my wishlist..a bit all over the place but there's a fair bit of green and navy going on...starting with this top:

This next cross body in my opinion was just too expensive at £90 - sorry Boden - it's only a plain cross body bag at the end of the day! So it's now much more affordable and I'm now dithering between the green and navy..
I also love this slightly bigger navy one - again really well reduced and it gets good reviews:
This next jacket has sold out in the 10 but I keep watching for returns. Just a lovely slightly military twist on the utility jacket:
Need I say more about these...perfect heel height and leopard...LOVE

These trainers are also lovely - leather too and again, much better price with the discount:

I've enjoyed my Angelica heels in green (see below) so much...these black flat ones are now calling me:
and the green are so beautiful...I now want the pink!
And a great pair of skinny jeans - these get good reviews too:
Finishing with the Nancy culottes which I love in both the navy and the cream:
I'm now wondering if I can justify ordering some of this to help the pain?? It could help...there's no way of knowing until I do?! I'm off to edit the list and I'll keep you posted but in the meantime, I can recommend two pieces that the team at Boden kindly sent me to try out - the Angelica T-Bar Heels in green which I've mentioned above already (photo below) and this navy broderie biker style jacket, which is going to be my spring summer staple.
Beautifully made and just a nice less formal alternative to a blazer - more summer appropriate than a leather biker. Here I am with my friend Katherin wearing the blazer and my green Angelica T-Bars at the Victoria Square Spring Carnival launch...
Happy shopping and happy weekend to you all. I'll try to post again soon - have lots of outfits to share but in the meantime, have a good weekend. Oh and the Boden 25% is only valid until Wednesday. It drops to 20% Thursday & Friday and then to 10% for the weekend. 


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