Office & Topshop Online Orders & some beauty MUST haves!

The pain presents (to myself) keep coming. Thanks to the gods of online delivery! 

Starting with the shoes of dreams from Office. I saw these on Alex who blogs over at The Frugality and she totally rocked them on this blog post. I thought they would be a really great neutral pair of shoes and the low block heel is definitely back friendly:

They're not inexpensive so when I'm dithering over purchases like this, I ask myself could I wear them to the supermarket/on the school run and to a pub without anyone raising their eyebrows? And are they comfortable and easy to walk in? And these are a definite yes to all those questions. 
Not that I overly care about raised eyebrows I should say but I think we do tend to grab the same things to wear most days based on that criteria (whether or not we realise it), so when money's tight and you have a LOT of shoes already, I need the challenge otherwise I'd literally have 200 pairs stacked in the wardrobe that I wear once!
I did try to wear them today but had to abandon the plan as my leg is not up to heels of any sort yet. But you'll undoubtedly see them on here soon enough.

Next up, I had a Topshop delivery with three items, first up, these trainers.
Velvet again but it was the colour that attracted me to them as I've been looking everywhere for a pair of darker grey trainers. 
But I'm not a huge fan of the (entirely!) plastic inner lining and so I'm going to hold out until my birthday for a nice leather pair instead.

Next up, the 1972 t-shirt that I've seen a few bloggers wear. 
Again, it's going back. I think if you're going to wear a year blatantly across your boobs, you need to ensure it's nowhere near your year of birth. I did a bit of an Insta stories blather on about this yesterday so I won't rehash it all here but basically, I was born in 1973 and I don't want anyone thinking I'm a year older than I am. In fact, I don't want to advertise my birth year at all as I don't feel like I'm in my 40's - I'm 28 in my head!

So my advice re all the 1970's years on t-shirts and jumpers for women in their late 30's and 40's? Avoid. Look for a 1992 one or even 1952....keep everyone guessing! 
Last up, a dress
....which was a rushed addition to my basket to allow me to qualify for free shipping. It was the only item I liked as it turned out, so maybe I should just shop with less thought on Topshop in future?!
One thing that bothered me was that it arrived inside out in a sellotaped bag...so it had definitely been to someone else's home and they had rejected it. Always off-putting! 

Second thing that struck me is that it's not a lot of dress for the money. I'm wondering if that 'shirring' effect on the torso is like embroidery and so you need to add a premium to the price? The material is quite lightweight polyester. It would have been wonderful in cotton or viscose.
But I loved it on and did wear it for about an hour around the house but ultimately, it's a return because I felt like I was fidgeting the whole time to shimmy it down to the length I want it to be. Gutted as it looks great on.

Next a couple of beauty bits that have been making my day that little bit easier. Starting with a lipstick and I'm not one to get excited about lipstick but this one has done it. I've never been a lipstick girl - always a lip pencil with lip balm/gloss kinda girl but this matt lipstick by NYX is fantastic. It looks so natural on the lip and although it's matt, it's not drying.
I'm told by my beauty expert blogging friend Sera at the Style Guide Blog that the colour I bought is one of the better ones in the range - 'Whipped Caviar' is the name. She said they're not all as good as it & that I chose perfectly - so there you go, didn't I do well for someone who knows nothing about lipstick!!! 

Last one and long time readers will know my obsession with dry shampoo. I try to only wash my hair about once every 5 or 6 days - depending on gym visits....which aren't happening now - so I'm getting a full week. My hair is so thick and coarse, I can get away with it, especially if I've had a salon blow dry, which I do tend to get a couple of times a month (cheaper than a fag habit...and think of all the shampoo I don't have to buy?!)

Anyway, Batiste is my dry shampoo of choice. Nothing comes close and I've tried quite a few. And Batiste have just brought out this new dry shampoo which has volume built in so you don't need to also put hairspray in...which I need after a few days for a bit of volume at the roots.
Love it and I'm going to bulk buy more - it's on offer in Boots at the moment.

Finally, finally....I thought I'd share my book club book as I enjoyed it so much. It's an easy read, set in Dublin all about a family with secrets. So a nice one for by the pool or in the garden this summer. Not too taxing and you do have to suspend some disbelief at times but overall, I enjoyed it and it was the kind of non-literary read I needed while on drugs and in pain!

Ok - over and out with the shopping.....for now. There has been a Warehouse order (mostly for research purposes!) since all this arrived. But it would have been wrong with the 25% off at the moment. It ends this evening - 9th May. Use GRAZIA25 at the till.

Back soon - hope you're having a good week!




  1. Funny, I bought that NYX lippy too. I did notice it was the one most out of stock. My daughter has Batiste in her room that I borrow. It is THE dry shampoo. Thanks for trying those clothes for us. Hubs still asks how you are when I catch up on IG and delighted with beer thought. Haha.

    1. Haha - I'm a beauty maven and I didn't know it!! Tell the hubster I'm doing great 😂 Xx

  2. The velvet trainers!!! Are they comfy? They are dreamy

    1. Not really - sadly 😕. Very plastic-y inside too. Such a shame x


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