Pain Gifts (to myself) from Oliver Bonas & Menarys...

Another little post to celebrate getting dressed and having the 'hur' done - there have been few photograph worthy moments in the last week I can tell you but on Friday, I'd a long standing appointment to have my hair cut and coloured. Jody at Rogue Hair is very difficult to get booked these days so even though I was in a fair bit of pain,  I didn't want to rearrange, as I knew I'd have to wait at least another week and couldn't have coped with the greys!

I'm also wearing loads of new stuff - this feeling poorly is bad for the bank balance...
Jacket - H&M (not online - but this one is v similar)
Handbag - Guess (bought in Menarys - can't find online)
 Top - Only (bought in Menarys - ditto above!)

Starting with the culottes, which are from Oliver Bonas and I only got them on Thursday so they're new stock. I'll be honest, I thought they were pricy but I love the colour and I know I'll wear them loads so that was my justification. Fit wise, I sized up to a 12 as they're neat. 

Next up, the jacket and it's from H&M and I got it on the sale rail for £15. I was looking for a super short jacket to wear with the culottes and midi dresses I've been wearing more of as I find most of my other jackets are just a tiny bit too long and the proportions end up looking wrong. 
My one isn't showing online but I tried this one on as well and it was good. Not sure why it's full price online as it was £15 in-store too. Maybe worth a visit if you've a shop nearby?
This isn't leather but I love the collarless style. I sized up in this too because, well H&M. It's a 12.
Then there's the top...pure love for this. I saw it in Menary's in Bangor the week before last when I was meeting my blog husband Jeff (Belfast Times) and it was 20% off and just too fabulous to leave behind. It's by a range called Only and I bought the size S. It's £38, which is dear for Only but it's got some lovely detail on it, including the lace collar, buttons on the (short) sleeves and an open back with a button on the neck. It's a lightweight cotton knit rather than a jersey top and I cannot find it online anywhere. 
Unfortunately, Menary's don't have a website (why, I don't know - please get a website Mr Menary!)
Finishing with this handbag. Finally, the back cross body search is over because I fell for this Guess one in Menary's also. It's got the ever sought after silver hardware - it's SO hard to find a bag with silver and even though I'm not the biggest fan of Guess bags, finding them sometimes a bit too garish, this one is simple in design and shape. AND - it had 40% off on one of the Menary's scratch card days. I thought I'd won the lottery! Once again, I can't find this online but I know another reader of the blog has phoned Menary's and ordered one so it might be worth a try?
My trainers are my usual Topshop ones that I didn't like when they arrived but I now wear to death. Go figure! They're out of stock now but there are similar ones on this link for £8 if you're a size 5!

And that's all I can manage today - I'm off to stick the feet up and take more drugs. But I'll try to pop up my most recent online (drug-fuelled) purchases later on or tomorrow. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Well I'm keeping up with your woes on Mystory. You are suffering. My back is easing now thankfully. Love how you chose a cropped jacket for the culottes. It's perfect.


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