A Quick Topshop Trip | Floral & Gingham

I quickly wanted to show you a few things I spotted in Topshop about 2 weeks ago. I know, I know...they're probably gone now but just on the off-chance they're not? In any case, my secret Topshop tip is to go to the concession in Menarys in Bangor (not sponsored) because they often have stock that sells out faster in the city centre. Like the top I picked up myself which I'll show you in a minute but first, a couple of things that caught my eye - starting with this slogan sweatshirt.

I struggle with slogan sweatshirts - love them but possibly because of my background in corporate communications, I find myself analysing the words too much to see what can be read into them and wondering what different audiences would make of each statement? Because of this, I only wear my slogan tops as loungewear. But I did quite like the one above and think it is quirky without making a random statement about myself, being a double entendre or drawing too much attention to my boobage.

I also LOVED this next handbag that ticks all the trends at the moment. Nude, embroidered, chain strap, cross body, neutral base. It's just fabulous and I had to seriously resist it. Can't find it online now...grrr
Floral cross body bag - not online but similar on this link
And here are a few bits I brought into the changing room, starting with this split sleeve top that I've seen on a few bloggers since it came into stores a few months back. Sadly, it's mostly sold out but I found this size 14 on the last chance rail. It's lovely but too big and this photo does not do it justice. Should have picked up a 10 when they were in stock....
Cream Top - Topshop (not online)
Jeans - Next  (size down)
Shoes - River Island
Next, focus on the trousers first. More culottes I know, but a great neutral pink/blush colour way and a lovely fit...
Here's the colour close up. I did love them but I had no tan on that day and they washed me out a little bit. I also have concerns about how it looks from a distance when you wear trousers this colour. Could it look like I've no trousers on? Have I ever told you how much I over think stuff? You probably guessed that by now. Anyway, they're a great price point and come in a few other colours - worth a look. The 10 fitted me fine.
Back to the t-shirt and here we go again on the slogan dilemma. I mean, what does Femme Forever actually mean? I have seen (and loved) this t-shirt on lots of other bloggers but on me, I started to mull over the words and as per the 1972 t-shirt that I didn't keep from my order a few weeks back, I found it a bit long in the body, which is unusual for me with my long torso. Lots of material to tuck in, so it was a no for this. But looking back on the photos, I do like it....
T-shirt - Topshop (wearing the S)

But all was good with the world once I tried on this top...which again, I'd seen lots of bloggers wearing but it had sold out online before I got round to ordering. This is the 12 so it's a little on the big side but I don't think it matters with this style..
Top - Topshop
Shoes - River Island

And here it is with a bit of tan and skinny jeans - which it works much better with. 
Top - Topshop
Jeans - F&F (past season)
Sandals - H&M (past season)

I think it's my most favourite gingham piece from the current trend. It's not too table-cloth-y and the embroidery makes it a bit more girly and day-time. 
Sorry it's not available online but I have had a few readers say they've found it in-store here and there so it's worth a look.

By the way - if anyone sees sandals like the ones above in a shop anywhere, will you please let me know? They are last year's H&M and are wrecked after much wear. I would LOVE another pair...but can't find anything similar anywhere. So just on the off chance. 

Ok - I really do promise brows in my next blog case you're waiting. If you're not, then that's just as well. I've been promising for a while....

Happy Friday,


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