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If you follow me on social media, you will definitely have seen these already. Because since my Lines & Current sunglasses arrived back in June, I've not taken them off.
I'm a sunglasses on the head kinda gal - I wear them there most of the year round, except on rainy days. I've got an issue with my tear ducts and my eyes are super sensitive to light so even on a bright day that's not sunny, I need sunglasses or I end up with a sore head.
I'd had it in my mind to get a pair of Lines & Current sunglasses because they're made locally, are really well priced and well, they're just cool....all the cool people in my life have them and you only have to look at their social media feed and website to feel the uber stylish minimalistic vibe going on with the very talented mum of 3 behind the brand, Rebekah.
Anyway, before I got round to ordering a pair ahead of the North Coast break, Rebekah suggested sending me some to road test on my holidays. It was love at first sight...
I'm actually not the easiest to get sunglasses to suit me but I loved these as soon as I put them on! And the teenager straight away gave them the thumbs up. Result.
Included in my order though was something even more special, one of Rebekah's FRIHET bags
Now, apart from all the coolness as per the sunglasses, these bags are actually very special. Each one is individually made by Indian women once trapped in sex slavery. This photo is just amazing and really brought home to me the wonderful thing that Rebekah is doing here:
But what's great about this bag is that it's so much more than just a reusable cloth tote. It's actually a very usable day to day bag which measures 41 x 41cm, is organically dyed in cotton canvas and has an inside zip pocket that fits your phone, keys, lippy and shades. There's an inside magnetic button right below a squared-edged handle for carrying like a tote and an adjustable over the shoulder strap if you need to go hands free. Plus the bag is 100% Organic Cotton Canvas 310gsm produced by fairtrade certified producers that are bringing social transformation to the red light district of Kolkata, India. 
I just love the story behind this bag - you can read more about it on this blog post Rebekah wrote. Sometimes problems like sex trafficking in a far away country can seem overwhelming and it's hard to know how to make a difference on the ground for the women involved. Not for Rebekah who has done just that. You can do the same by buying one of these bags on this link.

I'll leave you with a gorgeous photo from the Lines & Current website...
Thank you to Rebekah for sending me the sunglasses and this bag to share it with you all. Thanks to you for supporting the local, home grown brands that support this blog. 
PS I love the sunglasses so much, I've already ordered the tortoiseshell colour way. They work so well I want one in every colour...if it's good enough for Jackie O

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