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The trouble with Instagram is that it's killing blogging a bit. But I am reminded daily by you lovely readers that not everyone is on Instagram. I have a loyal group of followers who aren't actually on any social media at all (🙌🏼)  and who only follow me on here. So every now and again, I'm asked 'how is your back' & 'what have you been wearing?' and I look on my phone to find a plethora of pictures I've been meaning to share on the blog but didn't get around to.

So strap yourself in - here's the rundown of worthy outfits from the past couple of weeks, followed by a back update. And if you do follow me elsewhere, you might not have seen them all....I do like to keep a few just for on here.

Starting with my favourite outfit in a long time - that evening I decided to give pain the middle finger and go sashaying with my girls on the 'end of term' night out. I wasn't able to wear heels but I think I got away with it and more importantly, I wasn't asked to leave the bar because of my 'sports attire'. The dress is probably more wedding appropriate but I loved it too much to leave behind after my personal styling session with Katherin. How fab that it works with trainers. Gamechanger.

Dress - Coast (I always need to size up in Coast so this is a 12)
Faux Leather Biker Jacket - H&M (currently in store on the sale rail)
Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths (wearing the boys 5.5)
Handbag - Boden (past season)
Next up, and it's another one of Katherin's picks that again is probably on paper, more of an occasional dress. But Katherin suggested wearing it with skinny jeans or shorts in a kimono style and I love how this works too!
Shorts - Ancient preloved from Tu Clothing
Cream Vest - Gap Outlet
Pom Pom Sandals - Menarys
Next up, yet another Katherin pick. I didn't realise I had these all one after the other - it's the order they loaded from the phone but I guess that's the point of going to a personal get stuff you actually end up wearing! The top is Monsoon and it's not really something I would have picked myself but it's brilliant dressed down with these American Eagle ripped jeans (which I got on preloved). 
Jeans - American Eagle
Sandals - Max Mara (preloved from DejaVu)
All picked my me this time - this dress is a couple of years old now but it comes out each summer looking as good as new....
Bag - from my own shop
Next up - there's a theme again as I have the denim jacket/dress combo going on. This dress is from the current Zara sale and although it's not showing online, I saw several of them in Zara in Belfast so it's worth calling in if you've one near you. Go in early - while it's all tidy. It's a jumble sale from 11am onwards.
And the bag is one I've not shown's a smaller tan version of the navy one from the photo above. Unfortunately, there aren't any left...sorry. I had hoped to stock even just a few of them but it's not to be.
Dress - Zara
Sandals - Topshop (SS16)
Denim Jacket - as above
Bag - as discussed above!
Back to the Katherin love again with this very different silhouette. You'll have seen this jacket on my birthday styling session post and I've had lots of you ask me about it since I showed this picture on Instagram so for information, I'm wearing the size 10 and I'd say it's true to size. It's tight on the arms for any fellow weight-lifting girls but it works ok for me as long as I don't try to put anything chunky underneath. Which I wouldn't want to anyway. 
Cream Short Sleeved Top - 'Only' at Menarys
Indigo Skinny Jeans - F&F Clothing (old)
Nude Suede Loafers - Seven Boot Lane (SS15 - similar here & here)
More skinny jeans next - this time from River Island last year. I don't wear them nearly enough but every time I do, I think 'I should wear these more often'. Fab with grey.
Skinny Cargo Jeans - River Island (similar here & here)
Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths as before
Grey Short Sleeved Jumper - Benetton (AW16)
White Vest - stolen from the 13 year old's underwear stash. He never wears vests and had about 5 of these lovely pure white ones that are now too small for him. Thank you.

And I'm getting up to date now with this picture from yesterday. If you do follow me on social media, you'll have seen the outtake already. This is the well-behaved version. I kind of wish this dress was about 2 inches longer - I think it would just work better with my proportions. 
Dress - Warehouse (I'm wearing the 12)
Cross Body Wallet - Accessorize (sale in-store)
Rose Gold Sandals - Lidl (SS16)
And finishing with today - yesterday's hot sunshine in the past. These jeans reminded me that I've put on half a stone since my back started playing up in April. That's the half stone that no-one else notices going on. Only your clothing tells you. I'm ok with it...don't get me wrong. There's a reason. But it's still a bit disheartening seeing all the hard work of the past 2 years being slowly undone. Some of it has been down to poor food choices though so I'm leaving the unbearably tight jeans on for the rest of the day to remind me anytime (everytime) I reach for the biscuit tin.
Jeans - old Kings of Indigo from TK Maxx
Jacket - Urban Outfitters (past season but this one is FAB)
T-shirt - Rutgers University shop (NYC trip 2014)

And there you go - I'm exhausted & I'm sure you're fed up looking at my bake. But we're all caught up now and I can go back to all the other blog posts I still haven't written...and probably won't write for another few days, knowing me.

Finishing with a pain update, again for those of you who haven't had to sit through my Instagram Stories whitterings. I met a spinal consultant on Monday (privately...aarrggh) and he's suggested 3 potential paths for me. 
1. Do nothing and hope it goes away 😱. The plan that's not been working out so good for me so far.
2 . Spinal Injection for approx 3-6 months of pain relief which would allow me to get back training again and build up core strength to support the back...and hopefully avoid number 3...
3. Spinal surgery to remove the bulge. Routine, 1 hour surgery which works well but does have pitfalls including the fact that it doesn't get rid of back pain - just the referred leg pain.

After much reflection, feedback from people who've already been down one or more of these paths and lots of advice from medical friends, I'm going to opt for the injection for now and put my name on the NHS waiting list for the surgery. In the hope that I'll not need it but at least my name is there and given there's a 6-12 month waiting list, it might be good timing should the injection effects wear off and the pain returns. Many people have told me that the injection has resulted in them avoiding the surgery for many years so do tell me if that's the case for you or someone you know. I've also heard a couple of disheartening stories about injections too so please don't send those particular case studies my way at the moment. I'm trying really hard to be positive!

Key to my decision to get the injection as soon as possible (i.e. pay for it), is the pain I've been in since late last week. I feel like I'm being guided a bit from above in that regard. I'm really sore - back to levels I've not seen for a while and I am just WORN OUT. I know so many of you have been here too. The clothes keep me going, as do the happy smiles in the photos but I'm all out of energy right now.

I'll keep you posted - both on here and on social. It might not happen for a couple of weeks because of 12th holidays here and the surgeon's schedule. Meantime, I'll do my best to keep smiling!

Lots of love to you all.....thank you for the support now and always.

PS for anyone local and interested, I'm seeing Mr Eugene Verzin privately and I can recommend him.  He was recommended to me by my physio and by a number of medical and non medical friends. He works out of 352 and the Ulster Independent Clinic. This is most definitely NOT sponsored...oh no. I've just paid for the consult (online) and the less said about that, the better. And no, I don't have private health and definitely don't get me started about the whole NHS vs Private scenario. I could rant about it for days....


  1. You are inspiring with your positivity Avril, I am sure some days the pain must make you feel so miserable but you keep your " happy face" on ! I am in a similar situation so can totally empathise, thanks for that recommendation for your surgeon, it means a lot having a " name " that you can trust xx

  2. Hi Avril, you look fab, especially the red dress. I've had a similar experience to you with my mum. My husband is a chiropractor and suspected that she has a disc bulge(severe back and leg pain and unable to move). Getting help on the NHS was very difficulty. We ended up paying for a private epidural followed by months of waiting for an NHS scan. This confirmed the disc bulge. We then would have had a lengthy wait for another more specific epidural, but luckily got an earlier appointment(friends in the right places). This epidural has been extremely effective, her pain decreased from day 1, and she was pain free after a couple of weeks. Also, the actual epidural didn't hurt at all. I am so glad you are finally getting the help that you need and thank you for still blogging when you have been in so much pain. You're a trooper.

  3. Hi Avril- it's Jane from London! I had the injection in my back and it was brilliant - I had to have a further top up after a year but that was 5 years ago and I'm pain free apart from the odd twinge when I overdo things - definitely the way to go! Xxx


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