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It's my favourite post of the season - my Seven Boot Lane review and discount code, which I know several of you have been waiting for. More on that in a moment but first, I want to introduce you to Grace....the grey ankle boot of your dreams.
I honestly can't find a thing to complain about with these boots - they tick every box. As with all Seven Boot Lane products, they've been exquisitely made with the finest materials but the design of these boots is faultless. 
(discount code below) 
They have just enough dip on the front to flatter the leg, but not too much that you can't wear a sports sock inside. This dip makes all the difference if you want to wear an ankle boot with a skirt or dress and like me, you have out of proportion short legs. My length is in my torso so I'm always looking for shoes that give the illusion of more leg length. AND that you can wear socks inside!
Skirt - Past season from Sarah Jane Boutique, Magherafelt
(last time I looked, she had culottes that are very similar!)
Grey Merino Knit - Gap (past season)

They have a zip to allow easy access but it's not at the side, which I find, can be quite uncomfortable with skinny jeans as it catches your ankle at your jean seam. Instead, the zip on these boots is at the back - it's the little things.
But for me, the perfection in these boots is the colour. They're the absolute perfect shade of grey. Not too light that they look like spring/autumn boots. Not too dark that they tend towards black. They're proper charcoal grey and they look fantastic with black, navy, pink, blue, basically any colour...a perfect neutral.
Because these boots are so fabulous, I felt they warranted some special photography so I asked Jess Lowe from Honey & The Moon Photography to take these photos. Jess is someone I connected with on Instagram because I was impressed by her head shots of local people. Her photos are cool and urban and they capture personality in a very honest way. 
Jess isn't all about airbrushing life and experiences from her subjects. She somehow incorporates the reality of your face (wrinkles and all) into a most beautiful photo (that makes me realised I obsess too much about those wrinkles).

To finish, a word of thanks to Seven Boot Lane. I'm not the biggest blogger with the most amazing following but every season they come to me acknowledging my support of their business which has grown and grown since they first contacted me 5 years ago. They've fed my shoe addiction both through gifts and purchases since then and I'm proud to say that I've currently got as many paid for pairs of their shoes and boots as I have gifted pairs. You could say, it's a brand/blogger relationship made in heaven.
And yes, I know their footwear is not inexpensive but I have harped on about this on the blog before. I shop all over the high street for clothing but I always spend more on shoes. NEVER cut corners with footwear. Spend as much as you can and buy fewer pairs.  Cheap footwear invariably ends up in the bin. I still have the very first pair of boots that Seven Boot Lane gave me 5 years ago and they're still going strong. If these are just too far outside budget for buying yourself, then hold out for the sale because it's always amazing. If you can't wait until then, search through their collection by price and you'll find boots and shoes from last season at half price.
You'll get extra kudos for supporting a local small business - far more satisfying than lining ASOS's or Zara's corporate pockets!

I almost forgot the discount code, which is valid only off full price footwear. It's LIFETOSTYLE17. This will give you 15% off until the 8th October. And as if that wasn't enough, all purchases from the Seven Boot Lane website qualify for free postage and free returns 🙌🏼

Disclaimer - I was gifted these boots for the purpose of this review but was not paid to write it, nor was I obliged to. If you click on any of my links to buy shoes from Seven Boot Lane, the company will pay me a small % for every sale, provided you are happy & keep your purchase. Thank you for supporting the small businesses that support this blog xx


  1. Wow Avril these shots are stunning - you always look lovely but you've found a brilliant photographer there. Xxx

  2. The boots, outfit and photography are amazing. Do the boots come up true to size? I am a dreaded 5 1/2!!

  3. I love the photos and the boots! I was just appreciating how the right photos just make everything just come to life. I need me a Jess to do my photos! x


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