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This is a bit off piste but I made my Christmas cakes last weekend and got SO many messages from people asking me for the recipe I use. So I thought it would be easier all round if I did a blog post showing you just how simple this Christmas Cake recipe is - and I can vouch for it with confidence as I've been making my cakes this way for 6 years.
Easy Christmas Cake recipe
I made 4 cakes in total - 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday (for family!) and honestly, it only took me about an hour and a half each day. Admittedly, the cooking time is quite long but they don't really need any attention once they're in the oven so your work is done by then.

But what if you've never made a Christmas cake before? Don't worry.....every fruit cake has 6 simple steps. Soak your fruit in a little brandy/whisky/rum/lemon/orange juice. Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs one by one. Fold in your flour. Bung it in a tin. Cook slow and steady. 
And this recipe is exactly the same - with just a bit more quantity and some extra ingredients like ground almonds with your flour and lemon zest.


Newbridge Silverware Belfast | Competition Time

This blog post is about an undiscovered gem right in the centre of Belfast. When I paid a visit to the Newbridge Silverware store on Upper Arthur Street last month, I was genuinely blown away by the gorgeous fit out,  the customer service and the stunning selection of homewares and jewellery. It was way beyond my expectations.


Wearing Midi Lengths in Winter

As the seasons change, I've been asked a few times what to do about the cold leg issue when wearing midi dresses and skirts. I have it covered a couple of easy steps!


A Confession | Navy Biker Jacket

I have a confession to make. I'm not good with long coats and when I went to put on my Marks & Spencer coat from this previous post on the school run, I just couldn't as it felt too long and big on me. Maybe it wasn't cold or wet enough and I felt too covered up? Maybe I'm just always destined to have wet legs in the rain?

I decided to return it for the size down but it still felt too big. All while the advert for the coat kept popping up on my social media making me want it even more!

When I went back to see if there was a size 6 to try on (there wasn't), I spotted a navy biker and suddenly it all fell into place. When I spotted a fab navy floral midi dress close by, I realised that I could swap the trench for BOTH of these items and once that realisation hit, it was a deal done. Farewell gorgeous trench coat which would keep me warm and dry. 

I may regret this decision but in the meantime, Jess my fabulous photographer Instagram friend took these gorgeous photos of my new navy ensemble....look at how I'm laughing off the colder, wetter days ahead.....I'll be FINE in my short jacket and floaty dress
Navy Ankle Boots - Ash (sale purchase)
Navy Cross Body Bag - Yoshi (past season)

Of course, that still leaves me with a trench coat gap in my wardrobe but it's ok - I've spotted this bottle green one and I'm sitting tight for the next 20% off :)




Zohara AW17 Collection | Navy Cross Body Perfection

There are several items that have consistently eluded me in my 'key pieces' search over the years. Navy features in several of them with a navy cross body up there on the top of the list. Well can I say 'bravo' to Zohara for allowing me to cross that one right off with this beauty from the AW17 collection.


My 6 (7) Must Have Make Up Items | No. 7 Lift & Luminate Foundation Review

First up, this post is not sponsored in any way. I bought everything you see here. What prompted me to write it is my journey to find another foundation after Kiko discontinued their Anti-Age one (thanks a million Kiko). After trying a few different foundation samples at home and talking to my make up guru friend Katrina Doran, I decided to buy a bottle of the Boots No. 7 Lift And Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation
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