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Last month I had an Epionce Lite Refresh Peel at the Belfast branch of Woodford Clinic and I've purposely waited a few weeks before reviewing so that I could properly share how I found the treatment during, immediately after and a month after. It's not an inexpensive treatment so I wanted to be sure it made a positive difference before telling you more and recommending. 

To give some background, I've been going to the Woodford clinic to buy my Epionce skincare for a few years now. I first came across Epionce via a free sample and shortly thereafter, I was fortunate enough to meet Mervyn Patterson who is a NI born dermatologist and co-owner of the Woodford Medical Group. Mervyn and Kerry Blaine (who heads up the Belfast clinic) are for me the kind of people that you need to listen to when it comes to dispelling the skincare myths that form part of the marketing campaigns of many multinational cosmetics companies. They both have the clinical knowledge that comes from years of medical training and experience and they're passionate about using the right products on your skin. Not necessarily the most expensive ones but instead, the ones that are clinically proven to work. No jargon or fluffy, unproven claims from these two!

Although I mix things up now and again, I mostly use Epionce SPF50 on my skin, along with the Facial Renewal Cream & Lytic. I've blogged about the latter two on this post if you want to read more. 

After talking to Kerry on my last visit before Christmas, I decided to book a New Year Epionce Lite Refresh Peel. Mention peel to me and I immediately think of red, peeling, sore skin and hiding under a bucket for a week until you can show your face again. Not with the Lite Peel - it's just 5% Salicylic acid as compared to 30% in a full peel and it is a 45 minute treatment that you can return to work immediately after having.

The treatment relieve skin congestion, dullness, sallowness and improves acne. The ingredients comprise Malic Acid, which encourages cell turnover & hydration and reduces bacteria, Salicylic Acid which has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and along with Willow Bark extract  deep cleans the pores. Finally there's Onion bulb extract which contains something called querectin to stimulate and encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

I took photos to show the step by step process the facial involved. These were lifted from Instagram as I covered the story of the facial live on my Stories....hence they're a bit blurry in places. It's not easy to take pictures when you're having a facial!!
So starting with Step 1 - pre-peel, which leaves your skin perfectly clean and primed for the peel itself. 
Step 2 - Barrier applied to lips and eyes covered.
Step 3 - Peel applied
Step 4 - Removal after 12 minutes
Step 5 - Epionce Enriched Facial Mask
Step 6 - Glowing skin
The entire treatment is carried out in a medical environment by a qualified prescribing nurse and it will only be done if Kerry is happy that your skin is suitable and will benefit from it. 

I'm fortunate that my skin is pretty good anyway and has benefitted from a couple of years of Epionce products, so would it really make a difference to me? Well, the best gauge is the fact that apart from a few nights out I've been on, I've not worn foundation all over my face since I had the Lite Peel done. This might not seem like much to some of you but I've worn a full face of foundation since my teens. A combination of poor skin, acne scarring and a lack of confidence has meant that I always feel the need to cover up. I don't really get breakouts anymore though but uneven skin tone was still stopping me. This treatment has made my skin much more even in texture and tone and I'm finding the Epionce tinted SPF50 and bronzer is all I need now. I still throw on some eye liner, mascara, brow pencil and lip but I'm not feeling the need to pile on the foundation. 

And whether it's the facial or the fact that I'm not covering my skin in foundation, or a bit of both, my skin continues to look great with or without make up and as a consequence I no longer feel the fear of not wearing my 'mask'. 

Cost and frequency I hear you ask? The treatment costs £95 and although some people have them monthly, the usual frequency is twice or three times a year. Kerry advised that the times people will usually book a peel are after a sun holiday/suncream usage, and in the New Year to wake up the skin after the excesses of Christmas. 

Incidentally, Woodford offer a range of aesthetic procedures and I can absolutely recommend them should you wish to explore the world of Botox or Fillers etc. It would be the only place I'd happily have these treatments done, given the medical background of the team there and the quality of the branded products used (did you know there are different types and brands of botox? I had no clue!)
And this isn't just my recommendation, a number of friends and readers of the blog have attended the clinic since I first mentioned it on here way back when and I've had such fantastic feedback from them all. Kerry's professionalism and lovely personality is always the first thing people tell me when they report back. Such a lovely person and a consummate professional. Which is important when you're investing in the skin on your face - you don't want to take any chances with injectables or peels. 

As always, if you've any questions, please comment below or email me in confidence at


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Disclaimer - I booked this treatment myself with the intention of paying for it however Kerry asked me if I'd write an honest blogpost in return for my first treatment being gifted - provided I was happy with the treatment. I was not therefore under any obligation to write this post and the words are all my own. Thank you for supporting amazing local businesses like Woodford.


  1. Hi there, im interested in getting this treatment done as a starter since I havent had a peel done before, my main issue are my pores and texture of skin as acne scars have left it a bit bumpy, how was the texture of your skin after a week and did your under eyes go a bit lighter?

    1. I'm sorry I'm only seeing this question now. It's probably too late now but my under eyes didn't change at all that I noticed but I definitely saw an improvement in my chin area which has a fair bit of acne scarring. Not as much of an improvement as if I'd had a full peel done - it might be worth speaking to Kerry about that. She's always happy to talk before you book the treatment with no obligation to book. Avril x


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