Looking a Maxi Midi Dress...

Is it just me or are so many of the midi dresses in the shops at the moment just a little bit too short? I'm struggling to find a more 'maxi' midi....if that makes sense?
To illustrate what I mean, here I am in the kind of midi length dress I want. It's one I got before Christmas in Lurgan boutique, Alana Interiors and the length is just right - midway between midi and maxi. With an ankle boot, it makes for a great transitional piece.
Dress - Anonyme from Alana Interiors
Jacket - Alice Temperley (preloved from DejaVu)
Boots - Ilse Jacobson (past season)
Bag - Yoshi (gifted AW17)

But I digress...back to maxi-midi's and the first contender I've found is this amazing one from French Connection that Pippa O'Connor had on at one of her roadshows a couple of weekends ago. It's been in my basket since I saw it on her. It's the most perfect shirt style design for getting maximum wear as you can wear it as a dress, opened partly with jeans or denim shorts underneath, or opened fully and worn as a long kimono. Endless possibilities.

Yeah, it's the price that's putting me off...pretty steep for French Connection so I don't expect it to sell out super fast. I'm watching it on the House of Fraser site as they often have brand events so I'm more likely to get a 20% off there than on the FC site itself. 

 But I was keen to explore more affordable options elsewhere and I remembered that ASOS do a Tall range. My thinking is if the models are 5'11", then a midi length on them is going to fall 4 inches longer on my leg. Genius? 
Starting with this lovely floral one...
and this is similar in a different shade
or this black one in the sale
and another from the sale
finishing with this amazing one - expensive yes, but in my opinion you're getting WAY more dress than the first one from French Connection. It's stunning:

Genius possibly - but the obvious question remains that these dresses have been created for a longer body overall so the waistband is probably going to be too low and the arms too long. This is where my plan falls down...I don't know if this will be the case but I have a really long body so I might be ok with the first issue. I have v short arms though...

I'm going to order a couple of the ones I shared above and I'll update this post when I've tried them on. It's worth a go to get the maxi midi length I'm seeking but in the meantime, if you've seen anything that little bit longer in the shops, please let me know!

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  1. I have seen "midaxi" dresses online at boohoo.com X


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