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In retailing, this time of year is the start of what's called 'high summer' where the warmer weather clothing arrives on shop floors. Two things that come to mind for me when I think about high summer are bardot tops and white jeans. For some reason, even though bardot style is my favourite kind of top and flatters my shape the best, I can't wear the style outside of high summer. It just feels wrong - same with white jeans.

So when M&S gave me a High Summer remit for my monthly collaboration this week, I chose three bardot tops - one each from Per Una, Autograph and M&S Collection to try, along with some pretty amazing white jeans and a pair of tan sandals that keep calling to me every time I'm in store.

A quick word about the jeans first as I've featured them in every photo. These are the high waisted super skinny jeans and I purposely ordered them in the short length as I like my summer jeans to be a bit shorter on me. I ordered the size 10 - my usual and the fit is spot on. They are a good weight and properly opaque.
Starting with Autograph and this top is slightly asymmetric, which I adore. I thought the colour would be too neutral for my skin tone but I was wrong - it works really well...albeit with tan (he-shi 1 hour instant tan - my current go to)
I'm wearing a size 10 and it's perfect. It doesn't creep up on you and sits nicely over my tummy. I would probably prefer it a little longer with the white jeans so I'll likely wear this with dark denim jeans or navy trousers instead. The frill detail is beautiful and it's really nicely made in a gorgeous weight of fabric - definitely worthy of the price tag:

Next up, Per Una and I loved the colours in this top
and the bobble details on the frill
but the fabric wasn't as flattering as the Autograph one so you would need to size up. I found the 10 to be a bit clingy. 

and finishing with M&S Collection -
this is similar to one I had last year from M&S and which wore loads. It's a lovely loose fit and the length is perfect for skinny jeans.
Only gripe and this is the same as last year's version, it has a tendency to pop up on your shoulders but it's a small price to pay for a gorgeous cool cotton top at this price. Again, I'm wearing the 10 here and I'd say don't size down because I did last year and found it too uncomfortable on my underarms.
And a final word about the sandals as I featured them on Instagram when I was in M&S a few weeks back but I didn't try them on. Afterwards, a few people said they loved the look of them but were put off by the model image on the website and also I was asked about the ankle strap perhaps being at a bad place - making them uncomfortable.
I can confirm that they are very comfortable and look WAY nicer in real life but I would say that the ankle strap may bother some people, depending on where it sits on your own ankle so they are definitely something you'd need to try on.
The leather is lovely in them - really nice quality. I'm so tempted by the black colour way but I'm trying really hard to be good. I've just done a massive wardrobe clear out and I've definitely got enough pairs of flat sandals....

Which one of the bardot tops did I keep? Well, to wear with the white jeans, it has to be the M&S Collection one. The length of this top is just perfect - skimming over areas that I wouldn't be happy to show off in lighter jeans. It also looks fab with denim shorts and the embroidery on the sleeve makes it perfect for getting last year's yellow sandals (from this post - omg my hair!!) out again this summer!
I decided to keep the Autograph one as well though as I just loved the gorgeous frill detail, the weight of the fabric and the print. I'll be wearing it with indigo jeans though - perfect on a night out with nude barely there sandals.

High summer - sorted! 

Disclaimer - this post is part of my monthly collaboration with M&S. I'm not paid for this work but I do get vouchers each month to put towards my choices (though I invariably end up spending more than I'm given!). My links are all affiliate links which means that M&S know you came to their website from here and they may pay me a small commission should you buy and keep something when you click through. The modest income I make from these click throughs helps to cover some of the costs of running this blog. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!



  1. There's a trick you can do with a hair elastic and safety pins to stop off the shoulder tops popping up - Google it. x

    1. Thank you! I’m away to investigate this ����

  2. Oh I love those sandals. They remind me of a burgundy pair that were in Zara a couple of years back which I am still kicking myself for not getting. I tried on all three colours of the sandals and couldn't decide between any of them although I think I really wanted the black ones. And the ankle strap - I love that it is high like that. When its quite low, it cuts my legs off at a funny point. But that's me and everyone is different. I'm wittering now so I'll stop. x

    1. Ha ha love it - not wittering at all. I definitely got used to the strap yesterday so maybe I’ll be brave & wear with shorts now? X

  3. Anonymous14:41

    I think your hair looked lovely shorter. It was in such good condition. Sheila

    1. I love it too - couldn’t believe how much it had grown when I checked back! X

  4. Love that stripey top and the sandals (obvs!)... my only worry is ankle straps + fake tan issues. Will have to try them on in-store! x

    1. I know where you're coming from - I was concerned yesterday too when I wore them all day but no rub off 🙌🏼 xx

  5. Anonymous17:01

    Love the sandals! Do they fit true to size?
    - Shaheen

    1. They do! I'm wearing the 5.5, which is what I am in all M&S shoes x


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