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I went on a black sandal hunt this week, armed with birthday money. In total I bought 4 pairs with the thought that I'd keep at least one, possibly two....
Starting with Topshop and I had admired these for a while and they were on 20% off last weekend.  
However they come up quite small and I also wasn't so keen on the hardware on them when I tried them on. They felt a bit too 'heavy metal'. I'm really weird about mixed metals and prefer when a sandal or handbag has little or no hardware visible.
Next up, the second pair I got in Topshop and these I thought would work well with some longer skirts and dresses that I have - comfortable but giving me a bit of height.
But I couldn't get my head around the rare looking toes sticking out at the top. I have always struggled with this style of shoe. I just don't think they suit my foot?
They seem to look good on other people though so it must be my feet!
Next it's a couple of pairs from & Other Stories. I've never ordered online from them before and checked that there were free returns before ordering. Both pairs I've admired for a while though they're not cheap for sandals and I had high hopes therefore.
Here's the first one with the toe post detail. Lovely and comfortable and nice leather..
but....they are just ok and I preferred this second pair. More like the H&M ones I bought a couple of years ago (why didn't I buy 2 pairs!)
Loved the look of these but I couldn't get over the fact that they seem a bit flimsy for the price. You can see on the photos that the leather is quite shiny, the inside sole is just slightly puckered in places and the sole is very thin. They don't feel like the kind of sandal that will improve with wear - quite the opposite. For £69, I was disappointed.
I waited until the next day and tried them again and decided I just couldn't justify the expense. They're a far cry from the premium H&M ones I paid £40 for or the Warehouse ones I got last summer for £55. Both of which were worth the money with good substantial soles and soft leather that improved with wear.

I packed all 4 pairs up and returned them...except the & Other Stories one wasn't just as straightforward to return as it's a DPD shop return. Cue most of Friday spent looking for an outlet I could leave it into. Not good enough & Other Stories, I shouldn't have to look that hard to return something and from what people were telling me on Instagram Stories, I am not alone in the frustration. I got sorted but definitely I will think twice before ordering online from there again. 

So I'm back to square one - here are my next targets to buy and try....but if they don't work (AND feel worth the money) I'm sticking with my Warehouse ones for the rest of the summer. Yes, they will end up wrecked but I'll just have to hope that next summer's flat leather sandal offerings will be more attractive!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend my friends. I'm finishing with what I wore yesterday for a trip to Ikea and the Makers Market in Belmont Tower. Loving the All-saints vibe with this linen mix dress from M&S.
Dress - Limited at M&S (not showing online but recently bought in-store)
Jacket - Old H&M biker
Bag - Mulberry Antony (preloved from eBay)

And I wore this on a night out with the girls last night....still recovering today:
Top - Zara (current stock but can't find it online)
Jeans - MiH (preloved)
Sandals - Topshop (current but out of stock online)



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