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I have so many gorgeous photos from Lucy's wedding on Saturday so I thought I'd do a little blog post to share them on here..mainly so I can easily look back on them again. I want to remember the day forever - it was so magical.

Lucy and her twin sister Zoe first came into my life about 2 years ago when we found each other on Instagram (click on their names to see their accounts). My first memories of them both is how encouraging they were - always a positive uplifting comment on every photo - so refreshing to find this online. 

We kept in touch and then finally met last summer when I was in Portstewart on our annual jaunt up the North Coast. It was a coffee catch up but I think we ended up gabbing for about 4 or 5 hours! I'd brought my girls but had to get my husband to come pick them up as they were getting bored with our non stop talking.

Since then, we've met at events and always keep in touch via DM on instagram and when Lucy invited the twins and I to her wedding, I was just so blown away and honoured to be able to be there on her special day.

So here goes - some gorgeous images from a gorgeous day. I hope you enjoy them too.

Apart from the beautiful bride, the flowers were the next most breathtaking thing about the day. They were wild, natural and colourful. Exactly what I'd chose myself. I loved how there were berries and thistles included in them. They were created by Lynda at Leaf Designs
this was carried into the bridesmaids' hairs too...
The newly married couple in their gorgeous VW Beetle...

The Bride and her beautiful Bridesmaids - bridesmaid dresses are from ASOS
Lucy and her sister Zoe
The venue - Drenagh House, Limavady
The stunning cake
In lieu of donations, Lucy & Michael made a donation to a charity close to their hearts - FOP Friends. Both Lucy and Zoe live with this rare condition and rely so much on the support of fellow sufferers.
and here are some of the lovely blogging girls who were also at the wedding - I didn't get everyone in the picture though - we were a hard group to pin down to one place! Such a gorgeous group of girls - made the day an absolute pleasure.

And finishing with my dress - I'm sure you've seen it by now on social media - it was the one I chose from my Phase Eight try on post on this link, I chose the green wrap dress in the end and accessorised it with nude heels, bag and fascinator.
Shoes - Faith (years old!)
Fascinator - DejaVu
Jewellery - Newbridge (some gifted, some bought)

Huge congratulations and thank you to the new Mr & Mrs Smyth for a wonderful day....I had to laugh at the best man advising them to book all hotels online by card in advance as apparently you get a few looks if you turn up paying cash and checking in as Mr & Mrs Smyth :)


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