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You may have noticed that I've been using the #retailtherapy hashtag in various forms (can't decide exactly what to call it....) in recent weeks on social media. It's because I've decided to start dedicating a day a week to the high street. I've already put one post up on this link that you may have seen and it's something along these lines that I'm planning to deliver on a weekly basis, while the work situation allows.

This is down to direct feedback from you all that even though you love that I'm not buying as much and being more considered about what I buy, you are all really busy and still want to see what's in the shops to save you the time and effort of trawling through websites or going from shop to shop on your precious time off.

So each week I'll be sharing my little bit of Retail Therapy from a mixture of local small businesses, bigger retail outlet and high street shops. I'll show you the new stock that's in-store and I'll also be trying on what catches my eye.

Some of this will be on a #ad basis - I've already had local businesses and bigger brands approach me to come and share what they have in-store and they have been good enough to cover the cost of me travelling in and my time spent at their shop. Nothing more than that - I'm not getting massive money here. Other visits will be more spontaneous - if I happen to be in a particular town or shop that week. I'll try to keep it mixed up but even when paid, it will still showcase items that I genuinely like and would recommend. And I'll mix it up as much as I can in terms of location and type of shop.

I hope you'll enjoy this each week. I'll share it on Instagram as it happens and then on Facebook and on a blog post once I get all the photos sorted. But as always, let me know what you think and please do suggest places for me to visit, especially any lovely shops a bit further out of Belfast.

Equally, if you're a shop owner and you'd like me to visit, just drop me an email to

I'll be back on here tomorrow with photos from this week's stand by


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