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I'll put my hands up here and admit that I wear too much black. I love the simplicity and classiness of it and it makes it so easy to put an outfit together. Add the fact that I find overly colourful outfits a bit scary - they give me all the mutton/lamb anxiety. But recently, I've been following some amazing 40+ year old German bloggers who are so much more creative with colour and manage to look incredibly stylish without hurting anyone's eyes. So much of it is about tone on tone colours within a similar are two examples, Jagta8 and IndividuallyLivingOver50

So given my colour palette is warm, I've been trying to embrace a bit more brown into my wardrobe as an alternative to black. But it's not a colour I particularly like on its own so I've been combining it with a bit of leopard, khaki and black to create a warmer palate that doesn't scare me.

It all started with a pair of brown suede boots that I bought on eBay. I'd tried on some Cara boots a few months back and couldn't get over how comfortable they were. So when I spotted these ones on eBay in exactly the shade of brown I was looking for, I put in a bid and won them.
Then I chose this leopard star jumper as a Christmas present from my sisters in law.
I bought it in local boutique Honey but they're sold out there now. But I've found them online in a shop called Colmers Hill AND it comes in a gorgeous khaki green too which I might have bought since:
The bag is an old one from House of Fraser and it brings the whole look together nicely. I love this bag and it's sadly not available anymore but I will say that it's not worn that well and the side that sits against my body is completely worn through. It's good that the print is on both sides so I just need to be sure I wear the same side out to prevent wear on both.
Finishing with the hush parka from this previous blog post. One of the reasons I decided to keep this is because of the black fur..oh the irony! But that simple difference to all the other parkas I've tried means it's going to work better with the black pieces in my well as with the warmer tones. 

So it's a start - I'm not going to stop wearing black completely but I can appreciate how a rich dark brown can soften and warm up your look & still look as stylish as black.

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