The Best of the Sales | Part 3 | Ethical Fashion Brands

UPDATE - A reader has sent me this link to an article on 'The Pool' which contains lots of lovely brands I'd not found on my searches for this blog post. You can read it on this link.

This is it - I am stopping with the sales post after this but I wanted to do one final one featuring ethical fashion. I've completely changed my shopping habits in recent months since reading To Die For by Lucy Siegle. I've not set foot in Zara, H&M, Primark, Matalan, Tesco, Sainsburys...and many others along the same lines - if it's cheap, fast fashion, I'm not buying it anymore. It's been difficult at times but not impossible. The only shop I've struggled to avoid is Topshop...because of their denim. It's a work in progress like most transitions.

So in light of this, this post features a few brands that have the environment and sustainability at the core of everything they do. I think the perception (I'm as guilty as the next person) is that these brands aren't especially fashion forward and that they can be expensive to buy from but I hope this edit of the sales from 4 different brands will encourage you as it has me, to try sustainable style. Perhaps like me, you'll buy one or two pieces to see what you think. It's the perfect time to do so with many of them on 50% off. I should say at the outset that none of my links are affiliate and I've not been paid to write this.

Starting with a business called Gather & See, which was founded in 2014 by Alicia Taylor and Stephanie Hogg out of a desire to find beautiful, stylish ethical fashion brands that protect people and planet and don’t compromise on style. Frustrated by what was currently available, the pair began to gather a selection of like minded, forward thinking designers. And their sale is fab!
They've got workout gear too - by Satva

Next up, Mamoq who like Gather & See are stockists of ethical brands - some of which crossover. Their ethos is that brands must share the Mamoq love of fashion and their vision for a safer, fairer, more sustainable fashion industry. As well as having a sale on some of their winter pieces, there are also some gorgeous sale bits that would come in very useful this summer, like this first top...
This sweatshirt has a gold detail on the front - I'm also loving the dark indigo cut-off jeans:
Some wide leg trousers next - they do look long but great if you're taller. The model apparently is 5'8
And here's a simple white shirt that would take you from the beach over a work under a blazer!
Finishing with my favourite, this oversized parka style jacket is perfect for spring...and I love the brand name too, for some reason :)

Thought Clothing next and they sell their own range on their site. I've seen some of the collection in a few local boutiques too so they seem to have wholesale agents out and about. Here are my favourites from the sale...excuse the image quality. Some websites don't let you right-click to save the images...which is frustrating for bloggers. I had to screen grab these so they're a bit blurry.

Starting with a corduroy pinafore. A blast from the past but I see so many of the younger girls in my office wearing pinafores and it's made me want one:
You'll need to click through to see the gorgeous detail at the back of this next jumper. Lovely warm shade of grey too..
and it goes perfectly with this reversible coatigan
Love the print on this short cardigan which has a jacket (cardiket/jackigan??) vibe going on and would be a great workwear piece. 
Moving onto a brand you'll probably have heard of before - People Tree. A pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion, it started back in 1991 with the aim of creating stylish, innovative and affordable fashion while respecting people and the planet. Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. My first pick is this stripe jumper - down to £25 with limited stock
The brand have a capsule edit with the V&A and this tulip print is my favourite one..
The print on this dress is stunning too
You know how much I love my jersey basics..
and finishing with these cosy wool lined boots...bliss!

And there you go - hopefully proof that you don't have to sacrifice style when you shop ethical - and that it's affordable too. I've ordered the white t-shirt and jeans from Mamoq so I'll update you when they arrive. I'd love to get those moon boots too but I have sheepskin boots already and it wouldn't be right...would it?! 

As I mentioned above, do share with me if you have any other stylish ethical brands you can recommend..



  1. Great post. I love hearing about more ethical brands.

    1. Thank you Mary Ellen - that's great to hear. It took a long time to find enough good ones to share!


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