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[AD - Affiliate Links] So as per my first sales post (on this link), I mentioned I bought the Britt Parka after it was reduced in the hush sale. This was after many times looking at and trying to justify it at full I was excited when it was reduced. 
It arrived last week and I'll be honest I've taken longer to decide than I thought I would. It wasn't an instant ' I need this in my life'...more of a slow burner 'do I need it in my life?'
I think the issue is that I had to iron it when it arrived. I was expecting the cotton to be more sheeny - if that makes sense? But it's very much normal cotton and it was quite creased around the bottom and I don't know why, but I dislike having to iron something before I have decided I want to keep it. 
To help me make up my tip here...I took some photos of me wearing it in the garden. I sometimes ask the kids but mostly I use my trusty tripod which I got on eBay for about £5. Either way, it's worth getting some photos if you can't make up your mind about something. 
Plus points are that it's beautifully made - it's got a quilting effect on the elbows and across the shoulders. The fur linings is so soft & cosy and easy to take off and put back on, making the coat wearable all year round. Serious face alert...
It's also got elastic cuffs to keep your wrists warm and the hood is fur lined as well as having the fur trim around it.
The negatives are that it's still £125 in the sale and there's no sign of it going down further. The other negative is that I can't make up my mind about the fur trim. It's lovely when the hood is down but has the effect of a scary furry 'fro about it when you put it up.
But perhaps I'll be glad of this on the cold hockey pitch sidelines and I'm not a massive user of hoods anyway, preferring to wear a wooly hat. Which brings me onto the last negative, it's not waterproof at the hood would only be for warmth. Of course, most classic parkas aren't waterproof anyway, I know that. But a bit of a sheen on the cotton would definitely make it a bit shower/drizzle proof.
All told however, I think I love it. I met my friend Clodagh the other day wearing hers and it reminded me how effortlessly cool a parka is and the fulsome black fur I think elevates it from something a younger person would wear, into something much more stylish and classy.....I think?
Having cleared out so many of my coats in the past year, including my Warehouse parka which had lost it's fur lining and wasn't much use without it, I've decided I'm going to keep this. The upcoming cold snap might have also had a part to play.

I have considered sending it back and waiting to see if it gets reduced further....but the 10 keeps going in and out of stock so I think I could end up regretting this. And that brings me onto sizing - it's spot on in the 10. Enough room for a jumper underneath but not too big that it will swamp me when I take out the fur lining later in the year. Just have to remember not to lose said fur lining again....

Just for info, there are also a few shorter style parkas left in the sale including this khaki one with navy fur trim: 
and this black one - limited sizes left in both.
Let me know what you think....mutton or super stylish?! Maybe don't let me know if you think the former.. 
For info, this is not a sponsored post..I bought the parka myself. My links are affiliate links so hush knows you came to their site from this website.



  1. It looks great on you Avril! I've tried eleventybillion parkas this season and can't find one that looks right on me! Whistles was the last one which is lovely but swamped me - it's quite a hard style to find a flattering one!
    Have looked at Hush but not tried - the price and fact its not waterproof isn't enough to sway me - Yet!....oh, and its only 15 wks til my hols so Im looking at summer stuff!!😉😂😘

  2. Haha at the eleventy billion! I know what you mean...and if you don't get the right one, you'll never be happy with the almost right one. It's a good point re the waterproof issue....I have a great waterproof coat though and I'm thinking I'd wear that if it was wet? Agh -you've got me doubting myself. I have some Christmas money left but I'm still adding to it for this! x
    PS can't think about summer stuff - wish I had a holiday to look forward to!

  3. Ha! I'm having same dilemma with the Whistles Megan parka. Never had a parka before in my life but fancied one for local walks (not in the rain-I dont walk in the rain!) I asked my 2 sons and they both said fresh Mum. I also felt like an Eskimo when I put the hood up. It's got usual colour fur hood but nice teddy style lined fabric.
    As I bagged it for £84 it's gone in my hall cupboard! They don't go out of fashion do they and as there is a fur hood they can't really be used in the rain is my thinking. Just started following you on here btw. I like a good blog read.

    1. Ah thanks for that - I'm off to have a quick nosy at the Whistles one! £84 is amazing!!! I'd keep mine if my kids told me I looked fresh in And welcome to the blog - lovely to have you. Please don't look back at the old posts. I've come a LONG way :) x

  4. yazzy09:17

    It's a gorgeous colour and looks lovely on! I know how hard it can be to find the perfect parka, I'm still looking for mine despite having started way back in the summer when winter clothing just started appearing on the shelves. If waterproofing is your only concern then it's not a big issue if you already have another one that is, this will be a great casual addition to throw on to complete any outfit. By the way which waterproof coat do you have? Looking for a good one myself. Thanks x

    1. I agree with's lovely on and the colour is perfect. I love the black fur as I wear so much black. It's definitely a coat type that never ages and I think looks great on stylish mums. So yes, if it was chucking it down, I'd wear my Ilse Jacobsen which I got in a sample sale a few years ago. It's absolutely amazing. Not the warmest but I layer under it and it keeps you SO dry. They're expensive though - keep an eye on eBay...they often come up! x

  5. I got this from Hush on after seeing it on your sales round-up post (thank you for that!), and I have to say I love it. I've been wearing it all week on the school run, and it's been wam and cosy and practical, but doesn't make me feel mumsy. x

    1. Aw that's so lovely to hear - a few people have told me they got it and love it. It's a lot of coat for the money. And I agree - it's not a mumsy coat at's super stylish! You're helping my decision here...thank you!! x


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