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It's been a while since I did an outfit roundup so here's a few from the past couple of weeks. As always, they're on Instagram most days but I know many of you wise readers are not using Instagram. And there's actually one outfit on here that I didn't share on give you an exclusive of sorts. Oh the excitement!

I'm starting with one of my Christmas presents and what I wore on Boxing Day - a khaki green trench coat from Hobbs. Sadly not showing online because I got it in Kildare Village. It was a gift from my husband to me that I bought myself back in early December. It's just easier that way - he's had too much experience of me returning items over the years!
White T-Shirt - Bought at a gig
Handbag - Preloved Mulberry Antony (new version on link - on sale!)

Next up and I paid a visit to the Boulevard in Banbridge last week to check out the new Guess store (which is on sale at the moment). Genuinely blown away - it wasn't what I expected at all and I could have bought half the shop! I wore the famous M&S Duster coat from about 3 years ago that I missed out on at the time. I stalked it on eBay and finally got one last winter. It was a bit of a nightmare thought as it's got such an oversized fit so I had to have it altered twice before I was happy with it. Lesson learned. It's a beautiful colour though...
Coat - M&S
Boots - Seven Boot Lane (past season - similar here)
There was a fair bit of walking during the Christmas break Christmas to address the consumption of food & drink. I'm wearing another Christmas gift in this photo - my sisters in law together bought me this leopard star knit and I LOVE it. It's a cashmere mix and it's from local boutique Honey. Clodagh has them year round though this colour way is sold out - I've spotted one on another website though and have linked it below. It's the same jumper really well priced from a lovely small business across in England. I should say,  they're a one size fits all knit.
Coat - Preloved Gerard Darel (about 3 years ago)
Trainers - New Balance (past season - similar here)
Bag - Preloved Mulberry (new version on this link - on sale)
A pop of colour next from Benetton - we have an amazing one in Belfast and their sale started on Christmas Eve. I managed to get this sherbert pink knit with £10 off. Such a great colour to brighten up New Years Day. The trainers are new too - I was on the hunt for white leather trainers as my current ones have gone a bit off-white looking and for some reason have started to rub on the top of my foot. These are Nike Grandstand - with a bit of a tennis vibe going on. They were in the men's area...despite having baby pink stitching and insoles and they're a size 6 - Nike trainers always come up a bit small. I got them in the sale in Lifestyle Sports on Boxing Day.
Jumper - Benetton

Wearing my new Guess purchase in this next photo, a fabulous and beautifully made faux fur coat. I've been trying to find one of these for years - it's always been on my non-essentials sale list but I've never found one I liked enough..until now!
Faux Fur Coat - Guess (not online)
Grey Knit - Benetton (past season)
Cross Body Leopard Bag - Preloved (similar here)

We took a trip down to Lurgan the other day and I had this photo taken at Oxford Island. Such a lovely place to go walking in - the kids were fascinated with all the birds, especially all the song birds we saw in the woods beside the Lough. Wearing my Hobbs jumper again and a neat little black cross body I got in the Aldo sale. Everything else is old.
Coat - Benetton (past season - similar here)
Jeans - Tifossi One Size from Alana Boutique, Kurgan
Biker Boots - John Lewis ( from their sale last January)
Bag - Current Aldo Sale
Hat - Christmas Gift - bought in Menarys and it has interchangeable bobbles!

Finishing with your exclusive - I took this the other day and completely forgot to post to Instagram so you're getting to see it first! Wearing my other purchase at Guess in the Boulevard in Banbridge - a red hoodie...LOVE the colour. It's not a look that you'd think mums in their 40's can pull off but you can if you layer them under a classic coat like this Hobbs one. Even the teenager approved...
Hoodie - Guess Outlet (not online)
Jeans - Topshop Jamies (I wear size 28)
Trainers - as before
Bag - preloved (similar here)
That's the outfits all caught up on...if you're happy for me to do this on a twice a month basis, I'll continue to do so. I know it's easier on here as I can link to items and it's a nice look back on. I'm also going to add them to the #OOTD tab on this website (above). I've been a bit rubbish at updating this website since I started the new job..but hopefully with my more fixed work hours this month, I'll be able to get some regular blog time scheduled in.

Have a great week - I'm back to work today...had an amazing 2 weeks off but I'm SO ready for it.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, to twice monthly!

    1. Thanks Ingrid - will try my best! x

  2. Great blog post Avril. Yes to more like this.

    1. Thanks Christine - I will make it a priority x


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