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AD - Affiliate Links & Gifted Products as marked.
I've made a real effort with the photo taking over the past two weeks so there's a good selection of work and casual wear to share with you this time around...as well as a 'what's been happening in my life lately' bit at the end of the outfits. Hope you enjoy and as a reminder, I've marked anything that was a gift. If there's nothing noted beside the item, then I bought it myself. There are some affiliate links in the blog post too - hence the post is marked as an AD up front.

Starting with this outfit from a couple of Sundays ago when I attended the local blogger brunch:

Skirt - DejaVu (preloved)
Boots - Kendall & Kylie - Honey, Lisburn Road
Bag - Hush (AW18 Sample Sale)
Scarf - Marc O'Polo - Jude Law Boutique

Next up - a work one...
Jacket - Topshop via eBay
Dress - & Other Stories (AW18)
Boots - local boutique (AW16)
Scarf - Hush Sale (AW18)

I took my new hiking boots for a breaking-in walk, much to the displeasure of my son who thought they looked very unstylish...
Coat - DejaVu (preloved)
Jumper - Benetton (AW18)
Jeans - Topshop Jamies
Bag - Carvela (AW17)
Scarf - Zara (old)
Boots - Regatta at the Junction, Antrim GIFTED

I'm always asked where this wall is - I've used it a few times on instagram. It's under Tates Avenue bridge for anyone local. We pass it en route to music lessons on a Saturday and it makes the perfect blogger backdrop...
Coat - Jaeger - The Boulevard, Banbridge AW17 (part funded by a gift card)
Scarf - Mango (AW16)
Jeans - F&F (so old I can't remember)
Boots - Ash (AW16)
Bag - Zohara (AW17) GIFTED

Back to the workwear and one of the 3 pairs of trousers I bought at my recent personal shopping session with Katherin Farries at Victoria Square (not gifted). Such a great way to top up my work wardrobe - I highly recommend an express session if you've got something specific you're looking for.
Shoes - Aldo (ancient)
Bag - Hush as before
Grey Knit - Gap (ancient)

and just a closer look at the trousers...loving the grey and burgundy print on them:
A casual one next - this was my outfit for heading to Tipperary for half term (yes, these pictures are out of order...don't ask me why). I got these Spanx leggings last year in Orchid Lingerie on the Lisburn Road and they're amazing - just love wearing them. They are so comfortable and hold everything in without strangling you. Perfect for a 4 hour drive....
Black Top - Masai (AW18 - local boutique purchase)
Boots - John Lewis (AW17)

Workwear again and I embraced the pink/red theme in work on Valentines Day... 
Jacket - Topshop as before
Culottes - Part Two from DejaVu (preloved)
Boots - Kendall & Kylie at Honey, Lisburn Road (gifted in lieu of payment for organising an in-store event - don't tell my husband)

And finishing with today's work outfit which I didn't like as soon as I saw the photo but I'm sharing anyway because nobody get it right every day and taking a photo is a good reminder of what not to wear again! Love all the pieces individually...just not together.
Jacket - Great Plains (SS17)
Blouse - M&S via eBay
Shoes, Bag & Scarf - as before

In other news, it's half term and I'm working so there's juggling going on and it's fun...kind of! So much easier now the kids are older I will say. I've also been struggling with work because the project I'm working on is a very different subject matter to the one I started off doing (and completed). I was asked to stay on and help out with it on the understanding that I'll find my feet soon. It's challenging - I don't like not knowing something inside out so my head feels like it's going to explode most days. But it's all good - I think. I'm telling myself it's personal development and all that <nervous face>

For those of you who've followed me longer term and remember my back issues from a couple of summers ago, I'm back properly running again regularly and loving it. I should probably write a separate post about it as I know I'll have lots of questions but this time around lots of things are different to before - better posture, better strength and conditioning and LOTS of stretching and pilates. The best bit - no back pain at all. It's been slow and steady building up to this point with a few wobbles on the way and the next milestone will be a relay leg in the Belfast marathon....and possibly a 10k in March. I'm understandably nervous of over doing it so I'm not booking anything too far in advance.

And I'm trying hard to keep the blog plate spinning too because I'm loving this little space. I feel like I've found the perfect mix of the content I want to share interspersed with a few bits and pieces of paid work and the odd rant now and again about blogging and social media...anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good old rant!! 

I hope February has been treating you well and I'll be back as soon as I can with another post...lots of great posts in draft just waiting for a quiet weekend to get a few of them finished. Oh and I've a a post about the next Holly Willoughby drop coming on Tuesday <excited face>



  1. Caroline12:08

    Hello Avril, I'm loving all of your different looks here! Quick question - is there a photo missing? The Valentine's day workwear one?

    1. It was maybe slow to load? It's definitely there now! Thanks for flagging it though - I was half asleep posting this x

  2. Great post, as ever! 💗 the River Islsnd trousers xx

    1. Thanks Ingrid - they're fab aren't they? I would never usually wear patterned trousers but made an exception for these. Katherin is amazing at finding these gems x


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