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And just like that, the Easter holidays were over....the kids only went back today (Tuesday) but they're off again on Thursday for the elections and then again on Monday for the Bank Holiday. I have a feeling this term is going to fly by.


An Honest Skincare Review | Beauty

I've harped on about Epionce skincare for a LONG time now. I've been using the products for about 3 years and they've made a massive difference to my skin. They're not cheap though and so every now and again, I take the opportunity to try out other brands. In my head I think it's a good way to give my skin a chance to try other ingredients or formulations but apart from in one case*, it's always been a regret.

The Sandal you won't take off all Summer

So every year around this time I look for my investment leather sandals for the summer. Last year’s pair are looking quite good so I’m not going to buy a pair this year (yet) but when I wore my olon Instagram the other day so many people asked me where to get something similar. You see, they're the kind of sandal you'll not want to take off ALL summer. I know because I buy a pair every year and I wear them to death. Literally. They rarely get put away for the winter because they are done by the end of the summer. 

What I've Been Wearing 7 | Style | Life Lately

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I'm a week late with my outfit post, mainly because I took so few photos in the last couple of weeks...and life's busy as always. There's something about the end of March - it takes an age to get here and then, bang, you're in April and suddenly every school concert, GB display and sports event hits. My social life is not my own until sometime in mid June.

Starting with a workwear outfit from last week which was a surprise hit on Instagram. I don't look at stats on Insta and have no strategy in terms of when or what I post yet some take off and others don't. My view on it is that you can't play Instagram and I reckon they reward randomness on the algorithm-just fire the pictures out whenever you get a chance. I should really run an Instagram course sometime....

The Original Brazilian 12 Week Blow-dry | Rogue by Jody

This has been a much requested post and a topic I get questions about on a weekly basis. About 2 years ago, I had a semi permanent blow-dry done in a salon in Belfast. You can read about it on this post but unfortunately the salon is closed now and there's no-one else in Belfast (that I know of) using the same treatment.
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