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Back with a bang to tip you off about a great outlet sale at AllSaints. It's a brand I used to love and aspire to but which has definitely dropped its standards in recent years...and not its prices. Apart from the leather, which remains excellent (though pricey!), the rest of the collection I find can be hit and miss and the quality varies. I go in regularly but rarely purchase, whereas in the past, I would have bought one piece per season.

But then I found the outlet sale that's running at the moment and I was lured back in by a much more affordable selection of gorgeous pieces. So much so I purchased something, which I'll share at the end but quite a lot had to be edited out of my basket....let me show you what I would have bought had  I been able to...

Starting with an AllSaints classic - the oversized parkas. There are limited sizes left but keep an eye on returns. This style has the most availability and as it's quite oversized, I think the S would probably fit up to a 12-14 depending on how you like yours to fit. 
One of my friends has one of these parkas and she wears it daily, all year round. Just size 6 left at time of writing:

I also drooled over these suede trainers but we all know I don't need them and I wasn't sure the size 7 would fit me anyway...

I'm asked all the time about my H&M distressed straight jeans and these look like a really good dupe for them - a bit more expensive than mine but the fit looks lovely:

And I love these cream jeans - they're a style I wish I bought for SS19 and I'm keeping an eye on these ones as I love the shape and I think they'll be useful all year round actually...

There are some amazing handbags in the clearance - this cross body one is my favourite. I adore this dark grey colour which is quite difficult to get in a handbag.
and another stunning bag in a toffee colour - half price

I had a couple of knits in my basket but they have sold out since but this black oversized one is still in stock. I love a jumper that's cut a bit unusually and can be layered up and this ticks those boxes.
And this is what I actually bought - sadly sold out now in all but the tiny sizes. 
It arrived today and I do need to show you a few pictures of me wearing it but I'm not dressed for that. I can confirm that it's true to size, more voluminous at the front than I was expecting, looks amazing as it is but looks even better with the base zipped off. It's a definite keep but I'll be honest, I'd not have paid full price for it. It's a wool mix but very lightweight and was a bit creased when it arrived.

And there you go - a brief dip into the world of AllSaints. Well worth keeping an eye on that outlet page I reckon, especially as the AW19 stuff starts to move there next summer. Watch out for leather boots, knitwear and coats for AW20!

Hope you're all well and I'll be catching up on outfits and lots of other stuff really soon.

* affiliate links used throughout - this means that AllSaints know you came to their website from here and they may pay me a tiny commission (typically between 2 and 5%) if you buy and keep something after clicking through. This modest income helps to keep the blog going so I'm SO grateful to you if you use the links but please feel free to go directly to the website yourself if you'd rather not. Just please don't use a search engine ad link and give Google the commission!


  1. Oooh Avril, you enabler!! Have ordered the tan bag 'to see' for OH to give me for christmas!!😂

    1. Now that sounds like proper planning - I hope it's as lovely as it looks online. I would have ordered more to see in real life with a view to sending back but the bank account said NO! You'll have to let me know what it's like when it arrives x

    2. Ha, always thinking ahead!! TBH I've never spent that much on a bag before and can't really justify it But if it's a present that's ok, right??!
      Your coat looks lovely btw, look forward to see it on you....Will let you know how the bag looks when it arrives!....need to do the no spend September now like quite a few are doing...30 days is nothing is it??! 😂😂😘😘

  2. All saints bag update - lovely bag but I didn't feel the leather was all that good for the price. Also no secure fastening so back it went - thanks Avril for bringing it to my attention though! X

    1. That's so interesting to hear and you're right to return it. I felt my coat wasn't as plush as I was expecting and I'd never have paid full price for it but the sale price felt about right. They're dropping their quality standards and it's a shame to see...but at least you scratched the itch and you know now! And you've a few months to find another anyway. Hope the no spend September is going well - I've just blogged about why I'm not doing it...excuses, excuses lol x


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