Thursday, 10 September 2020

My Skincare Regime | Beauty

I know I finished my last blog post telling you I was writing some lockdown blogs but do you know what, I've decided to park lockdown.....I want to forget it for now. I'm praying there won't be another and focusing on something that's been on my to-do list for ages and has nothing to do with skincare regime.


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

It's about time I got blogging again isn't it? | Life Lately

It's been a while and I'm so sorry about that - I do have a few posts in draft format that I will finish up and get posted on here asap but I thought it was only right that I do a 'hello' and life lately kind of post for you before that to partly explain my absence and also to see how you are.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Some Small Businesses to Support during the Lockdown...

Throughout the lockdown, I've been blown away by how innovative some local businesses have become. When shops were forced to close, instead of lying down and taking the hit, so many of them have raised their games impressively in order to give themselves the best chance of having a business to return to after Covid.
So I thought I'd do a blog post to showcase some of these, in the knowledge that this is always going to be a difficult one because I can't shout out everyone or you'd be reading for days. I've featured a few in a bit more detail first and then I've added a few more names & links at the end of this post of others that are well worth checking out too.


Thursday, 9 April 2020

Surviving Lockdown | Life Lately

Well hello there and how are you? It's been longer than I intended. When I wrote my last blog post, I didn't expect things to change so quickly. Looking back, we weren't really wise were we? I remember being at my book club on the 29th February and one of the girls said she'd been told in work to expect life to change beyond belief and to prepare for personal bereavement. None of us believed it - some even scoffed.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

A tentative try on in M&S | AD

In the current situation, it's really difficult to know what to blog about. I'm pretty sure try ons, distracting and all as they are, are not going to be widely welcomed because there's so much uncertainty out there. Most of us are facing lost income and won't have money to spare for new clothes for a while. Many of you however told me you would welcome the distraction of this month's M&S post and being completely honest, I can't really afford NOT to do it given the lack of other paid work at the current time. I've a feeling this could be one of my last paid gigs on here until we get through this crisis....

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Your 5 Wardrobe Building Blocks | Life Lately

(This post contains affiliate links so must be tagged as an AD - however I have not been paid or asked to write it. If you click through and purchase from some of the links, the company you buy from can track that link back to me and may pay me a small commission if you keep your purchase. This is the income I use to maintain the running costs of the blog, so I'm grateful when you do click through on my links but you can google the items if you don't wish to use my links)

I've blogged about wardrobe foundation items before but I'm aware that the other posts are older and a bit out of date so rather than rehash old content, I thought I'd start again from scratch, armed with what I've learned from my recent wardrobe detoxes and give you my 2020 guide to the 5 foundation pieces I think you should have in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Denim at M&S | Spring 2020 | AD

For my February collaboration with M&S, I'm looking at their denim. This month saw the launch of their three key denim styles for SS20, Lily, Ivy and Sienna, great wardrobe staples all priced at £19.50, alongside a wider range of denim items to include shirts, jackets and dresses. 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

AD | M&S School Wear & Uniform for the New Term

[AD - includes affiliate links]
A post around kidswear today. As part of my regular work with M&S, I'm looking at school uniform because how many of us have kids who've grown out of their uniform only 4 months into the school year?! This blog post is here to remind you that M&S keep all of their uniform in stock ALL year round, including in store in the bigger outlets - such a help for busy parents, or for those of us who didn't need to buy all new stuff in September but do now because of the growth.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

AD Content in Blogging Explained | Blog Stuff

I've been asked a few times about the usage of AD declarations on my content so I've had this blog post on the back burner for a while. Mainly because it's all so confusing and as a lay-person, I was concerned about not knowing all of the finer details but I think I have a fair gist of it all a year on from the introduction of the regulations so I'm going to try to explain it as best I can.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

M&S Goodmove | SS20 Arrivals | AD

For the first of my M&S posts this year, I'm looking at their new Goodmove range. Described as "an energetic and uplifting activewear edit",  Goodmove includes sports leggings in five new styles designed for different activities, sports bras and what M&S describe as “24/7 trainers” and jackets for the high street.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Most Recommended Mother of the Bride Shops | Northern Ireland (and beyond)

I'm asked about mother of the bride (and Groom!) all the time and I'm pretty useless at helping out as most of the shops I try on in tend to be on the casual side of things. I would know about a shop here and there because a friend has mentioned it but I have never felt fully able to provide a list of great places to visit. Until now!

Friday, 17 January 2020

10 Sale Bargains from Independent Retailers | Shopping

[some affiliate links used]
To finishing my series of sale bargain blog posts, I've got 10 amazing items from local boutiques and businesses, all independent. Starting with local handbag brand, Zohara which is now at up to 70% off on the Bella Mia Boutique website. These are locally designed leather bags made from beautiful soft pebble and hardwearing saffiano difficult to chose between them!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

10 Sale Bargains from Hush | Shopping

[Affiliate Links used throughout] 
My second winter sales post is from another favourite brand that I don't buy that much from full price, but I do always visit when the sale goes to further reductions, i.e. now! 
In fairness, I will say that hush prices are not as off-putting as they used to be. I feel like they've actually eased off in the past 2 seasons, which is good because they seemed to race upwards for a number of years and the quality didn't always reflect them.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

10 Sale Bargains from Boden | Shopping

[Affiliate links used throughout]
I'm one of those annoying 'end of the sale' people. I love nothing more than waiting until the 50% and 70% discounts roll in and snapping up something I've been watching for ages. By request, I'm going to do a few sales blog posts this week with an edit of great buys from some of my favourite online stores. All great quality beautiful items that are a fraction of their full price. 

Starting with a brand I haven't bought anything from in ages - Boden. I used to work with them regularly on the blog back in the day but I haven't heard from them in a long time. But I always take a look at their sale when it goes to 50/60% & have been seriously tempted by lots this season. Starting with these gorgeous loafers...
(also come in Red and Navy - reviews say best for narrow feet and to size up)
Staying with footwear - Boden do the most beautiful shoes and boots - these ankle boots are half price. Look at this gorgeous colour! Perfect for spring 
The stunning red coat below is down from £220 to £88. The collar, which I'm not a massive fan of, is removable which makes this coat wearable all year round. Lovely fitted shape - Boden do this so well:
These leather trainers are a great buy for spring/summer. Available in lots of sizes still at 50% off.
Boden is one of the best places to pick up leather goods. This animal print bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or a cross body and it's now half price.
The Estella Jumper is still left in some sizes. With 4% cashmere, it's got a few sizes left in this ivory colour way:
This Dog Person one is my favourite colour way in the Estella jumper with just size S left at the moment..
I feel like I've a real gap in my wardrobe for a cardigan so this one has caught my comes in this navy/camel colour way as well as camel/red:
Those of you who've had me do your wardrobe will know that I love a breton top but caution against buying them in every colour. Ivory with a navy stripe is the classic but I think this one with a bit of metallic detail is a nice twist on a classic. Reduced and available in a few sizes still!
My 10th item is a no brainer sale purchase - gorgeous wool mix gloves in classic grey. Use them yourself, give them as a gift, keep them until next Christmas! There's a matching hat too!

I'll be back later in the week with my hush picks - assuming I find 10 things there. Wish me luck! 


Monday, 13 January 2020

New Year Plans | Blogging Stuff

Well it's taken me a few weeks to post this but the greetings are no less sincere - Happy New Year!
After a lovely Christmas break with lots of great family and friend time, I've struggled to get back into the blogging space but I thought it was about time I got some 2020 thoughts and plans written down - as much for myself as anything. Fail to plan and all that...

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